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Spoonbending Telekinesis Trial


So I've been talking to a lot more open minded people lately, and as it so turns out, being able to control the progression and content of your dreams, is apparently, included as Lucid dreaming. Okay, so I can Lucid Dream, That's cool. Right, but what I've been noticing is that at the beginning of the dream, (Which I prefer not to control, since it's fun to have some element of surprise in things.) Is that there has been a sudden increase of telekinetic activities done by myself and other characters inside the dream, and what's puzzling me it how natural it all feels. It takes almost no effort of will to move things - and since I've been lucid dreaming since I was little, this sounds pretty much like expert like dream control, - No? Well here's the thing, - I enlightened one of my close friends of my dream, and they casually thought that it would be okay to tell the rest of my group. Not so. After having all of them asking if I has actually done telekinesis, my Friend handed me her metal spoon she had been eating with and asked me to bend it. After several tries I found I couldn't concentrate with all of their chatter (We were outside in a cafeteria) So I gave back her spoon and she gave me a very odd look and quickly dropped the spoon onto the table, only to inspect her fingers,- after that she asked one of the others to try and pick it up, he just as quickly let go of it as well. Apparently it was too hot to handle! After looking at both their hands to make sure they weren't pulling a prank on me, it was evident that SOMETHING had burnt them that fitted the size and shape of the spoons' handle.

Moving on, Later when I got home I decided to research spoon bending on the internet and it can up with a Russian Telekinetic, Nina something. Anyway, after my research I wanted to try again, so I managed to smuggle one up to my room to practice with. So I went and meditated like the article had suggested, then sat and stared blankly at the spoon for the next five minutes. The one thing that I realized I lacked was the ability to focus coherently and how was I to centre my thoughts into push/pull? What do I do with it apart from concentrating on the spoon itself? A couple of hours later I tried again and this time I felt a kind of pressure on the bottom handle pushing in a downward motion. Surprised, I did it again, then like most humans, tried to analysis it logically and failed badly. So what was that pushing on the spoon? To me it felt like actual strength, if I had kept pushing I'm pretty sure my arm would have eventually given way to the pressure. So if this is spoon bending, has anyone ever experienced something similar? Or is this what spoon bending is? If this isn't spoon bending/telekinesis, then what am I doing?

Any help would be great!


Jessie <3

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kepha1979 (11 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-12)
Shalom Sayliei-re. Spoonbending, or anything else tk related, it is more an unconscious event. It seems to need a mental break, to allow what ever happens, to happen. You might try visualizing energy moving through you into the object, and then stateing what you wish to happen... And then, you need some kind of distraction so you stop thinking about it. This seems to be important, and the harder you 'try'...the less it may work. I tend to agree with Isle on this, regarding things sort of being parlour tricks. I think something far more productive might be to hold a sick person in kind thoughts. You never know, you might even save a life:)
IslVoter (257 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-27)

Hey, if you can do it, more power to you! I guess if you got it, you might as well use it!

Sayliei (6 stories) (8 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-27)
[at] IslVoter / Isle lora, thanks for the comment-
I see my error now, I thought I had missed something... Hopefully I can correct myself.
With the increase of lucid dreams containing telekinesis, their was an, almost answering response with an increase in telekinesis during my waking hours. Does this explain better?
I do however see telekinesis as nothing more than something I can use day to day to reach light objects (Like pencils or paper) Being rather short, I could simply drag them towards myself instead of having to ask someone to help me.:P
IslVoter (257 posts)
11 years ago (2012-06-20)

I'm confused how you jumped from what you do in lucid dreams to doing telekinesis.

In lucid dreams or out of body experiences, we can do ANYTHING we think we can do--fly, bend spoons, tranform, immediately BE at the place we think of next with no transfer time. Basically, both lucid dreaming and AP and OBEs are governed by thought--you can make happen whatever you think. That is how the other dimensions work, and, to a lesser degree, this one. (It takes many more thought iterations to influence 3D dimensions.)

I always wonder why people would want to do these things--telekinesis, bending spoons, creating fire. Other than a good parlor trick, what would be the spiritual purpose of it? What are you wanting to get out of it?

But that's just me. Others may see a fun experiment, and I guess I can understand that. But saying you can move or bend things in lucid dreams (in another dimension, basically) and doing it here in physical--are WAY DIFFERENT things, IMO.

Isle - Lora

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