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The In-between: Common Knowledge On The Afterlife


Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get any confirmation on these experiences that my friends and I have gone through. I almost believe they are real, I just need to know for sure that what we've encountered aren't isolated events that we might of just made up in our heads.

I have preformed two sΓ©ances with my friends in which I was not the medium, but my friend (the medium), explained to me what the 'In- Between' world was like. She described a very foggy, grey place where a lot of people would be walking around. Everybody would be kind of shadowy and foggy themselves. She said there were 'shadow people' who made it a hobby to terrify not only their fellow undead, but also the living. She told me that they didn't have the ability to hurt anyone, but that they caused a lot of hauntings when they found that they still had a grasp in the living world. She said they were very dark and shadowy with large, bright green eyes and a constant smile on their dark faces.

Another part of the world she experienced were the 'statue people', or something we might consider angels. They are tall, broad, and intimidating guardians of in-between. They keep the living out and the dead in with a gentle hand. They are not violent, but they will warn you off if you step to far over the border into the wrong land. They can be compared to large marble statues in Rome, with blank white eyes and no expression. There robes fly behind them in two pieces that appear similar to wings.

The dead from in-between repeatedly talk about moving on to another place. We haven't been able to decipher just where yet, whether it be heaven or nothing at all. Another common term that has come up again and again on the Ouija board is 'Zen'. It seems like a universal term for everything, all that there is and was. It is there reason for doing things and not saying certain things about where they are.

We are all just very curious as to whether other mediums have experienced anything like this, because we have drawn out a pretty detailed map of what the afterlife is like from our own experiences. We want to know if this knowledge is known to anyone else so that we don't have to be skeptical about what we do. We have a strong faith but it can be hard to believe sometimes when it's all lain out in front of you.

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calvinvalerian (guest)
10 years ago (2012-06-22)
I really appreciate your responds IslVoter. Me myself do not have religion. I don't care about religions anyway but I care about God. Well I've proven with my own way (which science will get headache trying to explain it logically because what I did was something which couldn't be perceived by the 5 physical senses except by our metaphysical senses) whether God is for real or fake. And it turned out to be true. I'll continue this later on.

LOL about that seeing aura part ayayay you still didn't get me. Please pardon me for not being very detail about it so we misunderstood.

Yes humans, trees and rocks do emit aura. If we are beings of light then I'm sure rocks and trees which have aura are beings of light also. Very well, I'll leave this to our own beliefs. This is a place to share not to argue 😁

But I think there is a misconception here for spirit. I think the word "spirit" in your language and mine is different. Maybe yours is "spirit=dead person's soul" mine is "spirit=alive being which live in earth just similar to human but cannot be seen with human naked eye".

I witnessed a spirit said this while was possessing a human "A dead person's soul will go back to God so if there is a human possessed by a spirit and pretending to be a casualty that means they are lying".

You can believe this or not. What you and I perceived are different:D so it's up to you to believe or not.

You said "I hear the biases of religions all the times in these posts--belief in evil, that some are doomed to hell because they don't believe what you believe. "

This is not true and the person who made this statement is fool (of course not you my dear IslVoter). It's the person whom you heard from.

You can see spirit yes? At least shadow beings. Great!

Do me a favor. Go to YouTube and type in "La illah illa Allah". It's in Arabic with the meaning "There is no God except God". I'm Chinese with various religion experiences but with no religion status. My belief is variant. Complicated yea hahaha.

With my sincere heart I share you one of my experiment to prove that God's holy words can burn bad or naughty spirits. Make sure you bring someone with you who can hear spirits. Or better yet able to infuse spirit into human body.

Now do me another favor to go where your instinct tells you there are lots of bad spirits (if you can feel their energy you should feel very strong vibration in your hands).

When you spot shadow beings. Now say "La illah ila Allah". Watch they flee. Yes they will flee. Why? Your body suddenly emits bright golden shiny aura that will burn any satan nearby. This is protective shield from God.

None of them can ever get near you. They will all step aside. You will feel nothing in human realm that's why I told you to bring a friend that able to hear the spirit or better yet able to infuse spirit into human body.

I did this to two spirits in my home. One is long haired with white dress and two children. And the other one is an old woman but drag oneself along the ground. I wasn't the one to see their form. It was the maids who worked in my house.

After I said "La illah ila Allah" for like 10 times. Few days later my maid told me that she was dreamt (astral projection) by the white dressed woman that this house is now very hot and wanted my maid to show the path to get out from this house. They're unable to get out from my house because the house had been sealed with invisible barrier that bounce off any negative energy who wanted to pass through.

I pity them and translocated them to where they supposed to live.

The second spirit after I said that holy words. The old woman screamed for help 3 times. The maids were so terrified hearing an old woman's scream without anyone was there. The next day I explained to my maids and now the maids are fine no more horror in them hahaha after that I translocated that old woman at night by asking permission from God before doing it.

I don't instill fear to anyone. Fear is just a reaction from individuals. I don't make them. They created it. For most people seeing something ghostly is so scary. For me, I will approach them and might probably will ask for signature from spirit LOL.

It's just anyone's reaction about something mysterious. I never mean to terrify them with horror. But that fear is the golden key to comfort. Anyone must pass fear before being comfortable with it 😁

Again it's just anyone's reaction. I don't create it. They create it 😁

That's the bad side of making horror film. Horror film mislead our perception about spirit. I dislike horror movies they mess up young kid's mind. The fact is spirit can never kill human. They can only tease human who forgot God hahaha. If that human remember God well yeah you know what will happen to your aura after you remember God so no spirit can mess up with you.
IslVoter (257 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-22)

Too many things in your post to respond to. I am not making any case based on my country or yours. In fact, I believe each person can only learn spiritually with personal experience--hence, I feel religions are a source of pollution to learning. All of them put out pre-fab beliefs about how things are. They affect how you perceive things. And that's what I was hearing in your statements--especially about shadow and only spirit being beings of light.

You said, "Not all things are made of light. They're just emitting light. This is why aura exist. You never see human emitting light from their skin with normal eyes right? So this is it. If you are made of light you're not suppose to be in human realm:) "

Yes, I do see light emitting from humans--and trees and rocks. And I'm not that good at seeing it.

We are all beings of light. We are part of spirit, meant to re-discover in while in human form.

And each of us experiences things subjectively. You and I could "see" the same thing, but we would each "see" differently. Because we are each different energy.

There is no objectivity and the Scientific Method states there is. We are subjective beings, by definition.

Which is also why I reject your assertion that only certain beings are capable of seeing the "real" dimension. We each perceive differently--there is no "True Real" in your terms.

I hear the biases of religions all the times in these posts--belief in evil, that some are doomed to hell because they don't believe what you believe.

Each of us finds our own way and they are all valid.

Which is why I end saying that I'm sure you will continue believing what you believe--as will I.

But I don't believe you have the right to instill fear into someone else asking for help.

Isle - Lora
calvinvalerian (guest)
10 years ago (2012-06-22)
Well IsleVoter all these informations come from spiritual leaders. The spiritual experiences in my country and yours is way way far beyond. Not being cocky here but this is what I analyzed. What your country had done in the past 2000 years would be like inventing technologies. While what my country had done in the past 2000 years would be like learning psychic abilities.

Mediumship in here Indonesia is like very common because many of our ancerstors were mediums. These are people who were spreading islamic religion and very religious. Some have the ability to see spirit's true form (which a normal human can never ever do it) and remote viewing. Some have the ability to punch people from afar. Some have the ability to bounce off a group of bad people. Some have the ability to burn water with fire but it never burns <- this blew my mind and I will give you the link to this video on YouTube. Unfortunately in my language buddy.

Http:// (skip to 3:25)

All these abilities are insane if you use scientific perspective in you yet it was always been possible if God let you do it. I used to be scientific dude and now I realized that science logic theory had been limiting our knowledge and human understanding of the supernatural. Which disconnected us from the source/God.

What my abilities are making the ocean wave a bit stronger, making present wind become a bit stronger, healing people, moving hanging objects, seeing auras, seeing air particles, if I get lucky I can see spirit in the form of white light whisp but mostly they're in a form of shadow people. I knew that spirit world is dark because I witnessed a spirit admit it while possessing someone's body and share this with me. I'm also able to detect and measure the strength of spirit by my hands (sensing their vibration). I'm only able to experience holding a spirit though but never with the level of light beings. Spirits have hot aura. Every time my hand aura touches theirs, my hand would get so hot like holding a fire but never burn. I didn't hold them indiscriminately - I asked permission from God first before I do this. This only happen if I want to translocate them. If I don't want to do anything with them - just ignore.

Not all things are made of light. They're just emitting light. This is why aura exist. You never see human emitting light from their skin with normal eyes right? So this is it. If you are made of light you're not suppose to be in human realm:)

What was I actually mean is some people is able to see spirit but unclear - they still see two worlds but unclear. Those who are able to see spirit's true form can be count by fingers and they see them very clear just like seeing two worlds at a time.

Level 1: Normal vision/normal human sight
Level 2: Blur vision/shadow people
Level 3: Sharp & Clear vision/Spirits have figures, shapes and colors

Mine is Level 2. Level 3 is very hard to reach because the ancestors said that this is one of the most precious gift that only chosen human can have.

My knowledge is limited so do not hope I know everything. I'm also a human hahaha. Even spirits also have limited knowledge. Just like a human are. 😁
IslVoter (257 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-21)

Curious where you get your information. Can you explain where your concepts come from? Have you experienced these?

I think all things are made of light--just my opinion. What we "see" is always distorted in some way because it is a symbol for the light/energy/vibration that is real--but difficult for humans to understand.

Who told you "God" would never give anyone clear enough vision to see two worlds (I call dimensions) at once? There are tons of people--on this site--who have. How do you explain that?

calvinvalerian (guest)
10 years ago (2012-06-21)
What she saw wasn't the afterlife it's our parallel world or you can call it spirit world. Spirit world and human world will always one world but only we're at separated realm. At first I don't get this too. This is tough fact to accept. But I accepted it anyway. God had made our world this way.

This spirit world is sure dark. People who've died shift realm to where God is. Not in the spirit world! In the spirit world live beings similar like human which have 3 types of embodiment:

1. Winged beings
2. Animal beings
3. Human-like being

We have more than 2 realms. Human realm is only one but occult realm has many layers. Human, Spirit, Angels and God live at different realm.

This is the level of hierarchy:
God & Angel (Made of Light)
Spirit (Made of Fire)
Human (Made of Soil)

These are 3 separated realms where the lower cannot see the upper and the middle is able to see the lower but unable to see the upper and and the most top can see the entire realm.

Human as tall as 16 feet is impossible in the physical plane. But this is common in the spirit realm. Yes they are called giants.

Your friend saw shadows because her vision is not 100% clear. If she has 100% clear vision from God she will get terrified and wear this face on (O.O) at first because she won't see them as shadows. She will see them for real! Have figures, shapes and colors just like anyone would see anything in human realm.

If your mental armor has not ready yet God will never give any human sharp and clear vision to witness 2 worlds at a time. You will live as a normal person would do.


What she had witnessed is real and not a word game.
IslVoter (257 posts)
10 years ago (2012-06-20)

(Do I know you?) Honestly, I question the source whenever the negative of an experience is ALL that is presented, which is what the first description sounds like. I think she is referring to astral dimension where, indeed, those who have passed but not moved on can exist. Also, other entities from other dimensions can come.

Yes, some will have negativity--basically because they haven't figured out that either (a) no one is there to "judge" them00it is in their own consciousness, (b) they have issues from their past life that they have not yet settled, let go of, whatever or (c) they are convinced they are "evil", wish to stay "evil" and can only do so in this place.

It isn't inherently evil, it is a place of transitions.

I have not heard of "statue people" nor of their function.

And using the Ouija board as a method of contact is, in my opinion, not the wisest idea. Your friend may be a "medium" but, given her other constructs, I'm not sure she wouldn't attract negativity to her because that is what she is focused on.

I do believe in the Law of Attraction--whatever you put your attention on, you draw to yourself. And it works in kind of unexpected ways, in that you can't keep your thoughts on "No evil" or "No bad things"--because your consciousness concentrates on "bad things". It's the old "Don't think of a blue elephant" phenomenon, or, if you want to succeed at a skill, you can't be thinking, "Don't screw up!" What you put in your mind is seeing in detail the outcome you want.

Which gets me back to my main objection to what you have been told: It seems to focus on negativity. I'm not saying all is sweetness and light, but there is a way to understand how this works in a non-judgmental, non-negative way. I don't think your friend has presented that to you (and your friends).

Isle - Lora

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