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Psychic Connection Between Best Friends? Or Coincidence?


I got to know and love my best friend through high school. Back then I was completely against the belief in ghost and spirits and psychics for my personal reasons. When I became closer with my best friend Elexis weird things began to happen.

I am probably the heaviest sleeper you'll me I sleep 12 hours a night and always feel completely drained and waking up isn't easy for me. One night I slept over her house and mid night we both woke up wide awake at the same time breathing heavily, I didn't know why I was feeling that way, she told me her dream In which she had died and a women told her she needed to be forgiven for her sins if she wants her second chance. She went threw the dream and she was gently placed back to her bed where we were both laying the way we woke up. I believe this may have opened up some sort of portal for me (you can tell I'm new to this stuff)

As time went on we would both have weird instances where we would say something completely random and it would happen, imagine beyond random.

The first story I'm going to share is Elexis was going threw drivers Ed, and I had my car, we were driving and I randomly asked when would you start to brake for this red light, and she told me "up there" which was feet away and way too late to brake and I told her, "no you slowly start to brake now so you don't hit the car in front of you" and she's told me yeah and I have a lot of trouble with lane changing, I said ready I'm going to change lanes before stopping for the light and I did, literally as so as I came to a stop, a women in a Kia, in the lane we were just in, rear ended the car we were once behind, I literally had to pull over with them to gain my composure, our conversation didn't last a minute and it happened while talking about it. I had Lexi go make sure they were okay just so we didn't seem odd pulling over.

The second story was more broad but extremely dramatic. I was over her house in her bathroom when I got a chilling feeling. Usually she wouldn't open the door to me in the bathroom (even thought I was only Brushing my hair) and I spoke before her and told her I just had a crazy thought of multiple people screaming "get and ambulance" and she looked at me in shock telling me she ran over to the bathroom to tell me she thought about a brutal shooting. That same night hours later, the massacre at the dark night primer happened. We still can't even fathom what had happened.

Recently we have became a bit distant because we both have boyfriends, A little over a week ago my friend Tom died of an overdose/suicide, a few days Prior I had an odd thought while trying to sleep "tell tommy I'm sorry, tell Tom I'm sorry" kept repeating I told my boyfriend but thought nothing of it, I still don't understand it, but that same night he died I had a dream of me running up to him saying I thought you were dead! And he told me, no I'm not dead ill always be here don't worry. I told my boyfriend this dream and wrote it down because I rarely get dreams now, a couple days later was the awake and met her there, it was us and both of our boyfriends when she told me about her dream before I even brought it up, she said in her dream she did the same thing ran up to Tom saying I thought you were dead, but in her dream Tom said no I'm all good I'm not dead you don't need to worry about me. After that me and my boyfriend starred at each other and showed Lexi the text and we both got a bit freaked out.

I have so many stories similar to these involving her, does this show a psychic bond of some sort. Or is every event pure coincidence?

She's the only reason I brought the belief of spirits back into my life, we went inside an abandoned building at the Kings Park mental asylum, Nothing abnormal or spiritual happened we decided its time to get out and leave since its trespassing, after the hour we spent in the building we walked back outside when I putting arms out saying, you haven't shown me anything, I still don't believe your real, just show me a sign you spirits exist (mind you it is December and very cold) as soon as I said that not even a second later a bird flew from out of the bush literally skimming the top of my head, and screamed like never before, I never scream either, and it is since that day I opened my mind up to the possibility of the supernatural.

I need help with a better understanding in what is Acctually occurring, or that might be occurring these thoughts have been increasing. And I'm confused and need opinions. Thank you for your time and I pray you take my story seriously.

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