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I'm in my thirties, grew up in a home where religion didn't exist or was not talked about however have family that was and may still be very spiritually connected. Starting in my childhood I began to feel others emotions and silently knew what was wrong with them. The only person I felt comfortable talking to about this stuff died before she would allow me to dabble in tarot and meditation. This person, my aunt would however calm my nerves and soothe my fears more effectively than my own mother, whom did also dabble with readings, tarot and meditation. Since my childhood I have blocked out a lot and never elaborated on anything I did experience. Beginning in April 2011 when a friend of mine vanished suddenly and I reconnected with her family I have been an emotional wreck. I would sit and read and clear my head at night without experiencing anything for some time. One night in late May of last year I felt a presence, like a weight in the air around me. The night was warm and air was humid but this was a different weight. I felt the hair on my neck raise and then a cold chill from my left shoulder to my left foot. It happened one more time before I started talking aloud. I asked who was with me and if I am in danger. No chills. I asked if it was my friend "Jamie", my aunt or anyone I knew. I got the chills again. So I asked again question by question and each answer I expected to get a yes came with a chill. I determined, regretfully that it was not my aunt. I feel in my heart this was "Jamie" visiting me and I also feel very strongly this incident happened shortly after her death. Later in the year her remains were found and she had been deceased for months. Before her remains were found I had that experience again. This time I asked more questions, answers I knew she alive would know and some she wouldn't have. I asked some hard questions, as in scenarios surrounding her death and names associated to her disappearance, I didn't get much but when I surrendered to the weight in the air I felt an overwhelming feeling of euphoria from my head to toes, a relaxing blanket of sort. I said some more and then it was gone.

Every month or so this year (2012) I have had similar experiences, chills, euphoria, flickering lights and seeing animals in my area that I have never seen and haven't seen since. Also, I have started meditating the best I know how, and frankly I'm scared of negative and dark entities and spirits. I want to contact her or whomever else is trying to contact me. How do I? I do also want to note that I have lucid dreams in which Jamie is in and deceased in. How do I do this, is it what I'm thinking it is or am I way off track? Any suggestions for books would be great, I'm gathering that I would be considered an empath. Help!

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mystic_enigma (1 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-17)
May I ask a question? How do you ground yourself? I'm new to meditation and want to do it right. I to have ecounteds may entitys and many were negative and have attacked me. I want to protect myself and my family. Any advice wil help
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-02)

Absolutely this sounds...legitimate. And you've said what is my most frequent manifestation of spirit presence--that warm, overwhelming love that comes over you. I have not experienced a "negative" entity--the worst being a feeling of some entities butting in that don't belong in my personal space. It makes me wonder because I have not experienced even the cold chills as you have, which are usually indications of spirits present.

And the cat--absolutely a valid connection. But as I read this, my first thought was that both your Aunt and your friend were trying to communicate the Big Message to you: They are wonderfully happy and content. And, unbelievably, things that transpired in their lives happened for a reason--ones which, now passed, only they understand.

You felt the connection to them both, the pain and discomfort of not knowing about both--maybe even some guilt and to me, these messages say--they are both great, happy and as they should be. If your friend is not answering questions about her death, it can be that she knows the answers will come to light in other ways.

But your Aunt is signaling that her cat is with her--and is communicating a bigger message to you, I believe. But you will know more. It sounds like you have the right frame and are getting information perfectly.

And cats--well, I've never admitted this "publicly" but I feel two of my cats are portions of my own higher self, showing me lessons about myself. They are sort of the shadow self and golden shadow of myself. Now that sounds crazy!

I don't know of good books on empaths, because I am not one. I do know a great book on OBEs and projection if you are interested in getting information that way. William Buhlman's book Adventures Out of the Body is good and sort of basic.

You might check out other forums that have specific sections for empaths, mediums, books, even. One is SpiritualForums dot com.

Sounds to me like you already have a firm footing with entities around you who will guide and protect you. Trust your gut--you do know already.

Isle - Lora
tribell1509 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-07-02)
Thank you Lora, your guidance is very helpful. I have grounded myself since this post and have had some different experiences than the last. I focus not on my friend or aunt, but on contacting my spirit guide. Each time I do meditate I ask that my spirit guide, friends and family of past to wrap me and my family in light, I also ask for clarity and a visual confirmation of my guide itself. I don't trust myself to take one solid answer as The answer so I am still a bit uncertain as of now, but literally feel the weight of a small animal on my leg and lap when I do meditate. I also see flashes of images as I am deep in concentration and am picking up on what, not who is my spirit guide. The link is to my aunt, her cat. I do not know for certain if she is but cannot help but feel as if I am being shown her image for a particular reason. My aunt was very very fond of her cat and after aunties death the cat was passed to her daughter whom completely neglected her and ultimately caused her passing. I am a skeptic but believe those events have something to do with my newfound gift. In your experience, does this sound like, I hate to use the word legit, but legitimate contact? Again thanks for your guidance. **Tribell**
IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-20)
Nevermind! 😲

Jaime was the friend who disappeared.

I think you're interpreting the signs properly, or if you aren't, the answers will become clear.

You do need to be afraid of being afraid--of the negative entities, etc. Fear is the enemy and attracts more fear and negativity. It can create it's own manifestations of fear, so it's a bad cycle.

Find ways to empower yourself with protection with light (bring down through crown, surround yourself with a bubble of energy --of whatever color or type feels right to you.) Make sure you ground yourself often. Only attempt communication when you feel balanced, protected and grounded.

Others will know more than I about what to do next, however. Hopefully, they'll comment.

IslVoter (257 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-20)

Sorry to be dense. Who is Jaime? Is she your Aunt?


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