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My name is Kaylee I am a 20 year old female from the United States. I have had various clairvoyance experiences if you would consider it that. This one in particular has stayed on my mind since it occurred in February of 2012.

Now I do practice astral projection, bi-locating and the sorts. My main energy source also happens to be entities. Resulting in having images of terror and one young man's hell literally being projected into my head, just as real as the conscious state that I'm in now.

This was one of my first attempts at astral projecting/bi-locating. I actually wasn't even trying when this happened, I was just doing some meditation, but I bi-located to an old Indian boarding school. This place has always been a place for torture and terror. It was a concentration camp for the Japanese during WWII and an army hospital. Later it became the boarding school, where a lot of the students were often punished harshly with beatings, etc. After the school closed down a few years after a fire killed some of the students, it was ground for devil worshipers, animal sacrifice, etc.

Keep in mind, this is not a dream, I was conscious during these experiences, I was sitting upright and remember physically the room around me. As previously stated, it was like images literally being projected into my head. Like pieces of film that suddenly cut off again and start somewhere else.

Now as the images started projecting in my head, I could see myself standing in the yard of the enormous boarding school. I saw no one around, until looking to the east, a boy, I would guess around age 17, pacing back and forth, and he seemed absolutely unaware of my presence. I watched him pacing back and forth for a moment and heard screaming coming from behind me. I did not turn as I watched myself standing there, but rather saw behind me, the particular building burning, the screams coming from the children stuck inside.

Fear is the biggest de-activator during a bi-location, so and, not expecting to have seen the things I saw, I was pulled out of it. But this isn't all.

More prepared with what to expect, the next day I did another bi-location, purposefully trying to project my mind back there, and yes, with the intent to communicate with this boy.

This time, the images started with the moon, big and full right over the mountains. My presence was acknowledged this time. He was sitting on a stair case outside leading into one of the buildings. We communicated, telepathically would be my best bet since neither of us opened our mouths and actually spoke. But I could hear both of our voices. I asked him what he was doing there, and why he felt so guilty. He did what would be as close to leading me down the hall would be in a different plane. Basically, the image flashes to he and I standing inside the dark building. Again I asked him why he felt so guilty, why he was stuck there and if I could help. He turned harsh, and replied "there is no helping this." the image that flashed into my mind next, the two of us standing in the back of a full class room, the students all turned slowly, all dead, half burnt, and all eyes on me. The most chilling part about it is that all of those eyes I looked into held no emotion. No sadness, no pain, no happiness. Just death. I was instantly overcome with feelings of terror, panic, guilt, and disorientation. But not the same as the first time, when I was scared of what I had seen. I didn't snap out this time. He made me feel what he feels. For that brief amount of time, I lived someone else's Hell.

It's bad, probably dangerous, the second time around I had to pull myself out and he kept trying to pull me back to him. I obsess over it though, I feel like this has something to do with me, maybe it's just that I'm the only one who has listened to him, but now that I've opened up, he won't stop.

I'm unclear on if he had something to do with starting the fire that killed his classmates, but it would seem that way. I have done as much research as I can, however the state of Utah seems to keep a lot of things about the place under wraps. So I'm left wondering who this boy is, what he did, and my biggest question. What does this ability mean for me? Am I psychic, clairvoyant, or crazy? Do I really have abilities to communicate with the spiritual realm? And if not, why and how were these so very detailed images projected into my head? How was I there that night without actually being there? How did I walk a mile in someone else's shoes and live the hell that they are stuck in?

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