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Strong Emotions And Images, What Do They Mean?


Started yesterday, my ear began to itch. No sign of a rash, no sign of anything physically that would cause it to itch. It went away last night but I got it again about an hour ago. After reading something that said it could be something trying to tell me something, I decide to close my eyes, sit quietly and wait to see if I felt/heard/saw anything. Almost instantly I started to see an X. I didn't know what it meant and was trying to figure it out, then an A popped up. I still didn't get it until the name "XAVIER" spelled out completely in front of me (eyes are still closed) one letter at a time. I felt confused and opened my eyes but I felt really space out, so I closed my eyes again. Almost instantly I saw a diagonal line sort of slashing in front of me. It redid it a couple times, then I saw just a road.

I opened my eyes again wondering "what is going on?" and "what could it mean?" then I started to feel extremely sad. I closed my eyes again and kept only seeing a road, the sad feeling started to get stronger, and then a stop sign appeared. I opened my eyes again and my eyes started watering and I felt like I was going to burst into tears. I shed one tear, closed my eyes again, and saw a truck and a stop sign, this time my view was different.

Before, it looked sort of like a drawn picture of a road directed horizontally with a stop sign directly in the middle, this time it all looked like a real life road and my vision was almost as if I was standing behind a truck at a stop sign getting ready to cross an intersection. I can see cars going past the truck, but I don't see anyone. I only hear laughter from (what I'm assuming) is coming from the inside of the truck. I felt emotional and sad for about 15 minutes, tearing up and getting goosebumps off and on but now it just feels as is my heart in extremely heavy and I almost feel sick, like I'm heart broken. I feel crazy, but I can't shake this feeling and these images.

The only reason it is scaring me is because I had this exact same sad, teary-eyed then heartbroken sick feeling the day before the terrorist attack happened in Paris. It's a feeling like someone just passed away, but no explanation for the feeling.

Anyway, I'm scared now because after the attack happened, I knew why I had felt the way I did before and now I feel this way again except tapped into the feelings and it showed me the name Xavier, which is my fiance's best friend's name. My ear stopped itching since I saw all that and now my heart remains sunk and I keep trembling. Am I just crazy or has anyone else on here experienced this? What do I do?

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Ven0m (18 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-03)
I'm here to help, iv'e seen a lot and been trough a lot, so please test this! Call upon Jesus! Say in the name of Jesus I rebuke you devil! Pray to Jesus to help you and ask Jesus if he is real to please show it to you, so you know the truth! Their is no excuse to not try what I just said! WHY not? A lot of people don't believe but why not just TEST and see what happens? If you really need help do as I say! They fled from me when I did that, they are really afraid of that name! It really woke me up and I'm researching the bible and Jesus all the time now to believe even more! I want the truth and I want more people to try and seek and see if Jesus is the truth as he said! Because IF he is! Then thank God that you did as I asked you to do because that saved you! And that saving is really from God trough me not only my own works.:)

You need to repent to Jesus of all your sins, and then you have to stop fearing the fallen one/demon. That's how I got rid of me sleep paralysis attacks, after like 10 years of SP I finally got rid of it. Jesus name got them to release me, but came back but I repented and I stopped fearing them and got angry and started going against them in my SP and I used the name of Jesus at the same time! And only then they stopped! When you stop fearing you show that you trust and believe in Jesus and that gives you the power over them! Say "Greater is he that is within me than he in the world" with confidence! And say, "i do not have the spirit of fear, but of power and love and sound mind" I always do this before bed! It's really eye opening for me that this has worked and now after like 10 years they stop! How come? Because of what I said above! It's powerful!

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