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Very Strange Experience Today


I'm a fifteen year old girl and I had a very strange experience today. Under these past six months I have developed my psychic abilities and done a lot of psychic readings for people on the internet and friends since I found out about my abilities. And I also helped a very close friend with her own psychic abilities since she could see auras very clearly around people.

And today when she and I was at her home I started shaking. And it wasn't a normal shaking from being cold. It was intense and I felt my chakras opening and expanding. I started to get very warm on the inside and cold on the outside and almost fainted. My friend noticed my aura expanding and growing in gold and white like a big light in the room. I got the urge to bring out some paper and a pen and I started to scribble out the numbers 6 and 7. Then when the numbers had filled a whole page, I started to write a message. It wasn't my usual handwriting and it told me that the angel kingdom was here to congratulate me. I was told something about five years more and that the inner earth was filled with love. The shaking of my body increased and I could barely move from the energies in the room. Orbs of light flew around me and her cat started to attack the paper I was writing on. My friend watched all this and she got really scared because she had no idea what to do. I had to pull off my crystals that I wear a lot because I felt them hurting my body and helping the energy to get stronger. I knew it wasn't a negative being in the room since I only felt love. But I knew it wasn't angels either since I have talked a lot to other peoples angels in their readings and that energy was not that strong. I have had a lot of crazy experiences before with spirits and angels but this was the craziest. When I almost blacked out my friend took my hand and started telling the "visitor" or whatever it was that caused it to leave. This whole experience lasted for over half an hour. And afterwards I felt very drained and like I was about to explode. My friend told me that I had the biggest aura she had ever seen. It was bigger and brighter and was shining with the color gold around my head. We discussed this for a long time trying to figure out what had happened and what had visited us. I sort of got the feeling that it was an ascended master. But it felt wrong to assume so since I am not that developed or strong in my abilities. And I still didn't get the messages that I scribbled down. Why would I only have five years left? And my aura seems a lot more different now since my friend told me she couldn't stop staring at the beauty surrounding it.

What could have caused this? Did I channel something? Did I get a visit from an ascended master? Please help me figure this out.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-03-01)
The colors for Trance are different.
Any time a human taps into musicianship-inspirational writing it affects the Aura. Gold deals with mental. As in Mediumship works Mind to mind with inspiration or prediction bring a surreal etheric feeling.
With medium-ship our Aura expands inspirational writting another type of channelling in Medium ship. Sorry for spelling note pad not the greatest.
If you prepare environment, ground and pulling energy you will not feel ungrounded like passing out.
Had you mentioned other highlighted areas it would of been automatic writing. Hope this helps.
Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2016-02-28)
Hi Yennokia,

It's hard to say what entity came into your body and initiated the channeling. Some people can easily open up the body for an external entity to enter and channeling that way. I don't think it was as an Ascended Master - they would not make you so uncomfortable. They come upon request and this was not something you had planned. There are so many different beings from so may places and dimensions in the universe so it's very hard to say who that was. I guess a psychic reading would probably reveal that.

One very vital thought to keep in mind (since you seem to have a natural ability to lend your body to channeling) is that please protect yourself spiritually. I know this came rather unexpected but if you ever has an urge to do it again set up a protection first.


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