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Recently my psychic abilities came to a grinding halt and I found they had disappeared. After years of being called a "Freak" you can kind of understand that I was 99% glad to be normal. Lately though I have been getting (migraine type) headaches located where my third eye is, this will last for up to a couple of hours, any idea if this is related to my missing abilities?

I spend a lot of time alone, and I have begun to see this, sorta like a floating white mist, around the height of a child between 7-11yrs quite late at night, at first I thought was my eyes, or sleep deprivation (btw, I have had my eyes checked, there is nothing wrong with them) but now I have started seeing it early in the morning even after a full 9hrs of deep sleep. My friend (who is psychic) says that I could be developing an ability to see the deceased. Has anyone grown into their ability like this? Or could it be something else?

Another thing linked to this was when I was half asleep (you know that state of sleep where you're aware, but it seems like you have no body because it's still asleep) I had this, as well as the sensation of when someone is leaning over you, but you can't see them - like when you were little and pretending to be asleep - Except that this "Presence" seemed to lean really close to my ear and yell in it. But all I heard was a sort of silent static which made my ears ring.

Later that day I was sitting in class and I could of sworn I saw a small child dodging around the student teacher out of the corner of my eye, which I put down to an overactive imagination. Thoughts anyone?

Can anyone shed light on any of this?

Jessie <3

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Sayliei (6 stories) (8 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-17)
[at] Medium-Feeler-Teacher
Wow, your friend sounds awesome.:O
When my ears ring from now on; How exactly do I pay attention? I don't mean like touch or hearing,- In a Non-physical sense... Does that make sense? But HOW do I do it? It's the one thing that always gets me. I am also puzzled on how both me and my friend, can see spirit/s one day, and nothing the next. Is it possible to strengthin/develop that ability?
Thanks for the comment!
Jessie. ❤
goldenholden37 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-16)
wow, I learned a lot reading this. So much that I decided I had to create an acct to comment. Recently I saw a mist floating around my room too. It was red though, not white. It started in the spot I was looking at which was against a wall. It then grew and slowly floated across the room to the end of my bed. The room became really thick and I could tell there was someone there.

I also feel the vibrations. Actually half an hr ago I was in my kitchen and my hand started to vibrate. Its good to know what it is. Sorry I can't add anything useful, but I wanted to say that this helped me a lot.
calvinvalerian (guest)
12 years ago (2012-06-15)
I can only explain the small child that dodging around out of the corner of your eye. He is a spirit in a form of a child. Spirit is not a dead person's soul. Dead person's soul do not belong to earth anymore. When human died, their soul is shifting dimension to where it should belong (in the afterlife). They aren't dead. Their soul is alive but just their physical body deceased.

Spirit is another alive being which live on earth similar like us human but they can change form to anything they want, they eat smells, they can also die and age up to 10,000+ years.

We can see spirits with normal eye if they change their form but we cannot see their true form with normal eye.

There is invisible curtain in our eyes which prevent human to see the spirit realm/faerie. Which prevent us to see their true form and also the entire faerie. If you want to see spirit's secondary form, you can train your eyes to do so. Their real form, not now baby. But if God gave you the vision to see spirit's true form, that's one of the most precious gift that God can give to human. But this process is very difficult. The faith you must have for God must be very high. Because those people who've been given this ability by God can be count by fingers.

Let's go back to that small child. He's just playing around. Don't worry they also similar like us. Some are good or bad, helpful or naughty, powerful or weak, smart or stupid, pretty much just like human being.

If you meet a bad spirit, always remember your God. They will flee! From bad spirit's point of view: "This person is protected". How come they will flee? Because when you say your God's name in your heart of verbally... Suddenly your body emit a bright shiny golden aura. This protective aura will burn any spirit that cause harm.

This is true story. Bad spirit in my house screamed for help three times when I read holy words. After I knew this I relocate her because I pity her hahaha.

But I can only give you message to not be too cruel. If you say God's name too much while they have no way to run, you can either extremely weaken or kill them.

But if he is a good spirit, they will have no affect against that aura because they obey God.

And one more thing. You, as human has the capability to translocate them. Ask permission from God to relocate a spirit. And you will be able to do it.

Tips from me to sense spirit:

You can sense them through your skin or your hand.

Skin: When you walk in a dark room suddenly you feel goosebumps. This is the indicator of the existence of spirit within that area.

Hand: Your hand will vibrate depends on the energy of that spirit emit. Naughty and Bad spirits have strong vibration (this can get your hand shaking like crazy). Good spirits have subtle vibration.

That's all what I can share with you today 😁
Medium-Feeler-Teacher (1 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2012-06-15)
i have an old friend who is a "seer" which he has a lot of the same things happen to him that happen to you. Like sometimes him and I will talk about the future and then his ears start to ring, which is a sign that he should pay attention.
He has seen spirits since he was very young, he blocks a lot of it out, and its most of the reason that he drinks. But none of them ever harm him, he has great knowledge and has helped me develop my abilities.
Personally I think you should learn to deal with it because if you dont, then it will happen anyways.
My friends gifts are very different than mine. I can feel things like feel where they are in the room, they can lead me to a lost item, and I can't just tell what they want
As for the fact of you disappearing abilities, everything goes in cycles and you are bound to have more strenth one day and then not the next. So just learn to except your gift and it will be okay 😊

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