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Floating & Other (maybe Psychic) Experiences?


I don't really know if this would classify as "psyhic" or not, but if someone knows what this is/has done something similar, please tell me. Thanks in advance!

I am 15 now. When I was little (I don't remember how old-- I think around 5-7) I could float above the ground. I have faint memories of floating down the stairs... It wasn't like flying, my legs moved link they would be hen running down the stairs but without touching the ground. I don't remember if it was once or how many times, just that it happened. Sometimes I wonder if it was my imagination, but I remember it so clearly and it feels real. Does that make any sense?

The next thing that happened was in the beginning of February 2016. My mom and I were driving on a trip to pick something up and the truck continually had motor problems. We had to pull over and turn it off like every 10/5 minutes, letting it sit there for a few minutes before starting it back up again. My mom wanted to turn back, but I insisted we continue on. We had a Doberman with us, and few other problems that would make it hard to have someone pick us up if we got stranded, which would result in a very stressful/costly/dangerous time if the car stopped.

Long story short, While on the way down I felt this calmness take over me. I was just looking out the window and had this exquisite feeling--that's the only word I can think to describe it--exquisite. I never felt something like it before or afterwards. And the truck never once stopped. Only a few miles away from home did the feeling leave and right after it did the truck stopped again.

So, those are what happened/I can remember. I read some posts on here and some of the comments said that when you are young, psychic things happen to you then they disappear, then in your teen years they come back. Would someone please help me with this? I hope it made sense. Thank you.

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