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Struggling To See Aura Colours In Humans


TL;DR: I am able to see the auras of objects in vibrant colour with no problem but when it comes to human auras, the colour is very diluted and it often seems more just translucent with tinges of colour. Is there a way I can enhance my ability to see the colours and enhance the size of the aura?

I'm quite new to the whole spiritual scene, never having been very religious, but probably around two years ago, I stumbled upon aura reading. I had never heard of it before and did not know what an "aura" was, but after reading and researching, I found something that was quite surprising - I can naturally see auras. I never noticed it because I never knew what to look for and I simply thought it was just the way my eyes perceived light, I thought everybody saw it but I didn't actually acknowledge it until I learned of auras. Ever since I learned what an aura was, I've noticed that everything, whether it be living or non-living, has a translucent, bright sort of "outline" around it. In non-living things, this outline is completely stationary, but in living things, it seems to sort of pulsate very gently with what I feel is energy. When I first heard of aura reading and saw that I had this ability, I at first pursued it to a very skin-deep sort of level, expecting that with the knowledge of "how", I would simply be able to see the colours easily. It didn't come that easy and at the time, I was too young to really care too much and gave up on it quite quickly.

Over the past year, I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety and prescribed pills. I never noticed any difference in my change of thought or any physical differences - the pills simply didn't do anything and I continued to be depressed. Around five months ago, I began smoking marijuana as a medical therapy; to help with the depression and anxiety, help with my sleeping problems, and to help with my asthma. About a month ago I decided, under the advice of my doctor of course, to quit my antidepressants because they simply didn't do anything and I saw no need to continue to pump a drug into my brain that doesn't help me anyways when the marijuana was helping me with all my of medical issues. In fact, within the last few months, the drug actually made me feel worse and all I could think about was how I did not want to take it. Because the kind I was on (paroxetine aka Paxil, a strong SSRI) and the fact that I was on the lowest dose but simply had never tried to up my dose because I feared the drug would change my personality, my doctor informed me that the best choice was to quit cold turkey. She told me that weaning off of Paxil is notoriously difficult and only prolongs the withdrawal period. So, I quit cold turkey. I did not experience any mental symptoms or changes in thought or behaviour, no dependence or addiction to the drug, other than being irritable, easily frustrated, and easily upset. Upon quitting, I actually experienced anxiety attacks, which I had never had before. I had had anxious moments that passed as soon as I controlled my breathing and centered my mind, but never an actual attack, which is odd because this antidepressant is also used to treat generalized anxiety. Other than that, headaches, lack of appetite, and nausea plagued me and still slightly do, though the worst of the physical withdrawal has passed.

Now, you may be wondering what that little tidbit has to do with reading auras. Well, my depression and anxiety is what led me to pursue my psychic ability and all things spiritual, mainly spiritual healing and therapy. I knew that through reading auras, meditation, etc. That I could improve my well-being. So, I began meditating and upon that, I was re-introduced with the thought of reading auras through a video on youtube where a woman used an "aura-reading machine" to "see" peoples' auras just by having them put their hand on some kind of sensor. Over the last few days, I've began my spiritual journey of healing and enlightenment; I have been meditating, looking into trying to learn to astral project and lucid dream, and quite actively pursuing aura reading. When I had tried to read auras before, I had not taken the time to actually concentrate and had given up very quickly. I hadn't even read about auric pairs and things like that and so, I was quite simply trying to learn something I knew very little about. Upon further research, though, I've recently had quick success.

Upon concentrating on a non-living object against the background of my white walls, I am able to see it's aura in colour. For example, I have an orange garbage can against my white walls. Upon looking at it, I simply concentrate on seeing it's aura and slowly, a light blue aura will begin to appear around it. Blue is the auric pair to the orange, so seeing a blue aura around an orange object made me quite excited. I focus and clear my mind whilst reminding myself to acknowledge my peripheral vision, but not to move the focus of my eyes or else the aura will disappear. After about ten seconds of focus, I will begin to see a bright aura and it's always the correct auric pair relative to the colour of the object. If the object is green, the aura I will see will be pink and it never fails. The longer I concentrate and the longer I am able to observe the aura without looking directly at it and chasing it away, the further it extends out from the object and the more vibrant the colour becomes. I was able to do this naturally, without practice - I had simply never known what colour the aura around an object should be and had never had the patience to concentrate on one spot without wavering, without being tempted to look at the aura as it appears. Before, I would always look at the aura as soon as it appeared and so, it would disappear before I would get the chance to notice any colours. Afterwards, as I blink, I see an after-image of just the coloured aura itself, in the outline of the object, like just seeing the lines of a picture in a colouring book before it's been coloured in, and as I blink more, the image slowly disappears like those black dots you see if you look at something bright.

Now, the area where I'm encountering problems is seeing the colours of the aura in people. I am able to see and observe my own aura, but it is only very slightly coloured and seems mostly just translucent at times, not exactly white but it just seems like an outline of light around me and it often is hard to distinguish any colour. After a while of focus, staring at the middle of my forehead and encouraging my third eye to open, slight colours begin to come in but they are not very saturated, appearing as if you took brightly coloured paint and dulled it down with white paint. It's bright but the colour itself is very diluted. I've observed my aura several times and every time, I observe a slight, not dull but also not rich in colour, greenish-yellow, almost lime-coloured but it's more-so green with the yellow towards the top of my head and more of the green towards my face and shoulders. Sometimes, I see slight tinges of blue and if I begin to chant the name of God in my head, purple flickers come in, which I've read is indicative of spiritual thought. I read that the two dominant colours of your aura, or their auric pairs, will most likely be your favourite colour - well, my aura is mostly green, and my favourite colour is pink with purple, the auric pair of yellow, coming in second.

I'd like to know if there are ways that I can increase the vibrance of the colour, the richness, so it doesn't look so diluted, and how to increase the size of the auras I see. Sometimes, they extend up to a foot from the object or person but usually no more than a few inches, like a thick outline of light. Is there a way that I can make myself more able to see the colours of human auras?

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