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Simple Dreams or Astral Projection?


I am hoping someone can help me answer my question. I have recently in the last few weeks experienced these weird events in my sleep. I would fall asleep, but feel as though I'm still in a conscious state of mind. I know I would be lying in bed. Yet, I would find myself in places actively moving about.

One night, I went to get up to get a drink of water and found myself in the living room walking around. It freaked me out seeing myself. Then I knew I was awake and not dreaming. My self that was walking around in the living room disappeared after a few seconds.

Sometimes, I will be having these frightening dreams of fighting the evil super natural. I will start to panic and find myself back in my apt and go back to sleep. The next morning when I wake up, I find scratch marks on my arm and my back. I know for a fact were not there when I went to sleep. I even find holes in the back of my shirt. When I wake up and get ready for work in the morning, I question: "Were those dreams? Or did those things really happen?" It is happening quite frequently now it feels as if I never slept at all the entire night. I am even afraid to go to sleep at this point. Afraid something will be happening and cannot help myself. It feels like I am in parallel worlds when I go to sleep at night and feel so real. I was talking to someone about this and they said I am having astral projection experiences.

Not only those weird incidents occur, one night I was having dinner and was angry about something, I was looking at my fork and it started to bend. I thought I was seeing things. So I tried to do it again to convince myself it did not happen. The fork bent again in half.

A flash back to the past. When I was a kid, I had an "invisible" friend name Simone. She was a ghost. A child who was 9. It was kind of funny when bad things would happen in the house such as: things falling and breaking mysteriously. My parents would punish me while I responded: "Simone did it. It was not me I promise..." I could see her laughing in the background. I don't see her anymore now that I have moved. Thank goodness. I mean who comes up with a name Simone on their own at three years old? I know my parents did not believe me since they could not see her. I know that was real.

From talking to my mom about this, she is saying I have gifts that are trying to come out. I'm am fighting it and should not. I know she has premonitions. Something not talked about in the family as we'll be looked down upon by everyone else. In fact, she warned me one night not to go out. It was Halloween of last year. She said if I go out, I would get into a car accident and be arrested for reckless driving. That my boyfriend would cause the accident. Sure enough on my way home that night, I get into an accident as my boyfriend caused it due to a fight I got into with him. He took my gear and put it in neutral and then reverse back into drive causing me to total the car in front. He took off and ran. I could not prove to the police he caused it because he ran off. The outcome in the case was positive. Now when Mom warns me about things she sees, I listen.

What I am trying to figure out is if it is possible I am astral projecting in my sleep? As well as the bending of the forks? What is that all about? I'm really confused. Why now is this happening? Or is this something I may have had all along and just rejected it?

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NotaPysicbutVeryInterestedInit (16 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-04)
Wait so things in astral projections are very physicaly real more than they are mentaly?
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
15 years ago (2008-03-28)
Hello, Katherine
it seems to me that you have had, as you supected, psychic experiences most of your life and had supressed them.
People experience "astral traveling" or, as it is also called "out of body experiences (o.o.b.e.) " in many different ways, but your
dream experience is certainly falling under
"astral traveling".
People believe that they are leaving their bodies when doing so but in actuality they are being led (by their souls OR others) onto an " inner voyage", NEVER physically leaving the body! If your own soul leads you onto these different dimensions there are REASONS for doing this, and usually they are very valid reasons. If other souls
lead you into an "astral voyage" you would want to doubt their reasons why, because they aren't always GOOD!
Therefore, before you go to sleep, since so far you are experiencing these voyages in the sleep-state, protect yourself! Pray,
and ask your OWN soul to be with you!

My Soul has been with me on each and every astral voyage, and ALWAYS with the intent of teaching me!
Here are two journeys which might tell you
what I experienced and which might be helful
to you!

On December 25th 1997 I experienced the following during the dream state:
I dreamt that I was going to a very important meeting, having to do with the destruction of the Caribbeans.
I washed my silk dress (a dress looking like a blouse my daughter Tanya had given me, in colour and in style, which meant to me that her Soul was with me)
I checked my shoes: Yes, they looked good! Flat-heeled, colour matching, brown,
I needed to buy a pair of pantyhose! I knew it was Winter, since in summer I don't wear pantyhose. My legs are tanned!
I took a bus which was going to get me to a pharmacy, the only choice I seemed to have to by what I needed.

When I arrived at my destination the whole
area seemed deserted. There was no-one in sight when I walked into the pharmacy, also, there had hardly been any people on the bus! I was told by the psychic world around me that MARTINIQUE was still to be found, but it seemed that most people had left.
My Soul, plus my daughter's Soul and many psyches from the Caribbeans let me know that the Caribeans will be destroyed and there will be not many survivors!

I returned to my dream state and slept.

I have often been given prophecies by souls of people who live in areas which are not too safe. Many souls know what is going to happen to areas in which their persons live, many reach them in their dream-state, as I was reached except mine turned into an astral journey!
My Soul and Group let's me know about my future many a time, and often in the dream-state.

I went back to sleep, as I stated, having returned from my Caribbean journey and found myself on another one. This time I took my grandson and my grand-daughter into the mountains. I used an ALPINE cart which looked like a tobaggon but must have had wheels. I believe I went twice: Once using the ALPINE cart, pulling it, and once pulling these two on carts by bisycle.
Sometimes we were very close to the EDGE
(close to a huge DROP) My Soul let me know
through the above that in the future we are going to find ourselves on dangerous ground in every which way!
At one point I had to change direction. I came upon a small house and checked the windows. It seemed that I would have to go through these in the future but then noticed a screen-door. I thought it would be easier to go through that! Again, my Soul had pointed out obstacles, but also that there is always a way out; one just has to look for it.
I went on.
I suggested to the children aged 4 and a half and two years old that they should lie down and rest for a while. I checked the SUN! The children had blankets to cover their eyes.
I went on.
I met their parents who had brought FOOD! My grnad-son stopped eating at one point and his father said to me:" Hold onto the food, he might want it later!" (He let me know that food was scarce!)
The children and I went on, down-hill. The children's mother had been down the mountain herself and gaave me good advise as to how to proceed.
I went on.
I met a bisyclist and asked him how I could get to Paris! I knew that I would ahve to go down-hill, but which road to take? He indicated it.

My Soul and Group has let me see in many a dream that I would wind up in the Laurentians in the future, and there is where I now live. I have also seen that my children will live here one day! This was the first time that my grand-children were included.
During my voyage into the Laurentians the SUN was very strong, indicative of the up-coming times. Transportation was an ALPINE cart, BUT, we were living on SAFE GROUND!
We were living on the North American Shield!
With regard to Paris: Our Soulgroup is not letting me know just yet what I am to tell my French family, but I am told that Paris will also be a dangerous city to live in at one point soon!
Katherine, I hope that you will hopefully only experience the beauty of astral traveling in the future. You must appeal to your Soul and other good souls to always be present, and don't forget to pray.
I have moved a manuscript onto the internet, free of charge, for all who are interested to read (or to down-load) in which you will find a number of entries (the manuscript is a matter of entries from my diary with regard to psychic molestation/the psyche as such), and I am sure that you will find it interesting. You can find it under: using the search engine The manuscript as such is called: The Agony of Psychism!
Take care and may God bless you.
Katherine (guest)
15 years ago (2007-12-13)
Hi I am the one who submitted my experience. I find anything is possible. Being the supernatural is kept so vague and disguised. I personally feel any word out there created is due to a founding reason.
What she experienced would be called dream leaping if it was real and not just a dream. Maybe the witch didn't know she was doing it to. Or trying to send a message. Not all of them are evil keep that in mind! Did it happen after that?
Nathan (guest)
15 years ago (2007-11-01)
My wife just got visited by a witch in her dreams and thinks that the witch was astral projecting into her dreams. Is this possible?

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