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Learning In My Journey


My story happened several months ago. When I say several months ago, I mean having to do with dreams, a nightmare and when I awake every night seeing things. I am an empath, (feel people's energy around me) I am "sensitive" to ghosts and spirits. I used to only hear and feel them, (now I also see them too). I have seen and felt Angels and demons. (I have a warning where I feel evil before it happens). The evil is usually deformed or warped and the screeches and screams are still heard even when I close my ears. Anyhow, It all began several months ago. My boyfriend and I went out driving and we saw a pet store and we decided to go in. Upon entering the place, I got an eerie feeling and did not go in. I sat in the van instead. My boyfriend went in and was there for about 15 minutes. He said the conditions in the pet store were horrible. Animals were soiled and they barked and meowed. We both decided to call the Animal Control Center after we got home. Time passed and the following week we were getting ready for bed. We both fell asleep. The next thing I remember, I was this little puppy crying, hungry and the cries and screams and smells and what I saw were beyond what I could endure! I was inside this cage, wet and dirty newspaper strips was my bed. The place was dark and I felt like the wall were closing in on me because of the unanswered cries burning my ears. A dark shadow dragging a large bag was getting closer and I cried out "Mommy, please help me!" When she turned her face it was deformed. Her eyes were big, her mouth salivated and she let out this scream! Then I woke up. My boyfriend confirmed everything that happened in my dream. He said I was crying out for Mommy to help me and I screamed afterwards. It was out of a horror flick. Never did I have nightmares before. I was sobbing when I opened my eyes and I felt like a little helpless, scared child trying to explain to my boyfriend. After I calmed down, my boyfriend hesitantly blurred out the words, "I could not sleep for a while, I was up thinking about the pets in that store." After that, it was when I had my nightmare. Could it be possible that I "absorbed" his thoughts while I was sleeping and he was sitting on the bed unable to sleep and worried? Nothing like that had ever happened before. I could "feel" things while I was awake, this was the first time I "felt" it while I was sleeping. Since that night, the first thing I saw was a white mist up in the top of the wall in front of me like a cloud forming. I saw it but went back to sleep. I saw it almost every night for several days. Then, one night I just sat up and could see geometric shapes fill the room. It was red designs and they covered the room, everywhere I looked. The forms and shapes changed form and was the same everywhere I looked. (They manifested into different designs, but were the same all over the room.) Then I started seeing the same mist or smoke closer to my side of the bed, below the ceiling. The mist was white and it came out of the floor, shooting up. I panicked the first time I saw it, thinking the house was on fire!) The following days I realized it was not smoke from a fire. There was only smoke but no fumes or red flames. Every night now, for months, since that nightmare, I wake up between 2 in the morning to 4:30 and experience this. I try not open my eyes when I wake up in an instant so as to not see it. When I did open my eyes (in the beginning) I looked around the room and everything I saw was not what it should look like. My Jesus portrait on the wall looked like a different man whose face moved, looking right at me. My boyfriend's face looked like he had blotches of cuts and scrapes on his face and his hair was dry. It did not look like him. I freaked out! Then that;s when I started not opening my eyes to avoid seeing things that weren't what they should be. I have read your stories here and I have researched what I saw on the internet but I still am perplexed and have no answers. Is someone or something trying to contact me? Is it good or evil? I don't know and avoiding it for the time being is all I can do. Because I am an empath, I sometimes am literally, "drained of my energy" from the overwhelming stress and people I encounter on a daily basis. My problem sometimes is distinguishing which energy I am feeling, mine, other people's or of the spirit world. It can be overwhelming and I am sensitive and can see things from each person's perspective. I work with children with learning disabilities, love children and animals and have a connection with them. I have a good sense of getting a feel of people (what's on the inside) about them and I am majoring in psychology. I am a magnet to spirits and have felt, heard and now see them. I have many stories I have experienced and when I was 17, I had an put-of-body-experience. I would appreciate any feedback and love hearing about your stories. Ghosts fascinate me but I have never been into the paranormal until I met my boyfriend. He helped me find my gifts and abilities. If you would like to email me

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