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The Metorite Explosion 2012


Just prior to the Russian meteorite explosion of 2012, I was told it would happen. This quick story is just one of many mysterious ways they show me the future. Keep in mind I stay humble throughout what I experience - I wouldn't live any other way.

I am told that I am a prophet (psychic, medium). I speak to my spiritual twin Joey on a constant basis; he's very funny, youthful, happy, intelligent, caring spirit. I moved away from my hometown five years prior and my (unknown to how serious it was) anxiety has mostly kept me from having steady relationships since I don't like gatherings and that supposed to be where you meet people (I guess)

I had said that no one ever gives me any birthday presents (except family). They (spirits Joey and "Dad") said you will have one this year. This is a week beforehand. Later I was reading news online and they pointed (yes) to an article about a meteor that would pass by Earth February 15. There was also a dream the evening they told me. I thought that was what they were taking about.

The morning of February 15 (my birthday) I woke up and surfed the web. I seen that a meteorite (not the one I thought, that's how they hide surprises from me and still divulge them) exploded over Russia that morning. This scared me intensely and I read all about it. Luckily (from what I read not like I was there) no deaths, only 500 injured, mainly by broken glass. It was an amazing sight to see in video. If that's the birthday present they spoke of, I can only assume that it must be for a positive reason it happened. Later that day the other meteorite passed closer than the moon "harmlessly overhead."

They said that the two meteorites describe me and my spiritual twin Joey. I surmised and joked with them: "So what, I crashed to Earth and have to be bored with life, and Joey got to have all the fun as a spirit?". Yes, one close miss meteor, one exploding meteorite, my birthday, and the fact that I can talk to spirits all is interesting, but what I can't figure out is what do I have to do with any of it? I'm not THAT important I humorously assure you. I do know that they describe things in events that happen in sequence or multiples to me.

There was also a vision I'll share with you (I was just laying in bed bored as usual) Keep in mind that I know my visions of the future happen in some spiritually complicated way where the events of what I see are shown in a special way as to show many different things of the future during just one vision (Most logical reason to be shown things this way I guess) The vision starts showing a "school" like a college, mostly one story spread out campus style, flat landscape, pleasant, bright sunny day. Looked like South Florida, where I'm from. The vision panned through the school and paused at a courtyard slightly viewing upwards toward the sky. One meteor fell in the distance past the trees and smoke billowed up. After that (maybe twenty seconds later, my visions are sometimes very long) another one fell near it and much more smoke billowed up.

My life is just to strange to make any of this up. I never thought anything remotely like this would happen to me EXCEPT in my imagination as a child. (Hmm.) I guess I'm still young at heart.

I wonder what it all means. I'm feverishly taking notes so hit me back everyone and Peace unto you. Stay positive!

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