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I'm new to this site and wanted to share what's been happening to me lately.

Well about a month ago, I was out with my mom at this car dealership and I noticed this guy that was working on a car. There was something about him that interest me, so to say. This other guy that worked there, my mom, and I all had walked over to the guy working on the car, and when I stood over by him he kind of kept his distance away from me. I'm thinking how odd, but no one seemed to notice because everyone was talking. He also kept glancing at me and giving me these looks I didn't understand, so I wandered off somewhere else.

When I saw the guy again that was working on the car talking to some other people, I noticed something about him wasn't right. So when I was basically staring at him I saw his face morph into like a fairy. I'm not really sure if he was even a fairy. But anyway as soon as his face changed he whipped his head in my direction and just left, I'm like what just happened. Did his face really do that, am I tripping.

So I didn't see the guy anymore until we were leaving and he went to talk to my mom about her car, but the whole time he kept giving me these nervous or scared glances like something was wrong. And like my mom didn't even notice that the whole time he was barely even looking at her. I asked her did she notice anything and she's like notice what, so I just dropped it.

Then a few weeks ago, I'm in the car, again with my mom, on the freeway. It's like stop and go traffic and our lane is stopped while the other lane over is going. Then all of a sudden it's like no cars in the lane next to ours. Then this car come speeding in the lane and stops right by our car when it should have kept going. I'm like what is this person doing. When the driver looks in our car and gives me this look that looks real sinister.

I'm thinking why she is looking at me like that, when she morphs into this creature with her face half gone and blood marks. Kind of like a witch demon or some sort. Then she just speeds on ahead. I'm all yelling asking my mom did she just see that and to speed up to see that lady's face. So when we get to the woman's car she already looking at us with her body turned towards the window. I'm like mom, tell me you see her body like that and she's all yeah. Her body just stays like that next to our car until we go separate ways.

Since then I've been seeing all kinds of things about people. I'm just wondering what and why it's happening. I mean I know I'm not crazy it's just a little weird.

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NeyJ (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-25)
Thanks Morganelise and Francis87, when you put it that way I understand
Francis87 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-24)
Morgan is right, but this gift turns into so much more. You will soon realize that most people in this world are damned. I have the same gift as you, it gets hard to deal with when you start seeing their demons outside of their bodies and they speak to you. This gift will help you understand why people say and do such bad things. The stronger the demon the worse the person. Its rare that you see the light within someone, when you do its overwhelming. Stay strong with your faith in God, you will need it. I have been able to see since I was a child, I am 25 now.
morganelise (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-23)
Maybe there faces are changing because your seeing these people for their true forms.

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