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Explosion Before The Shuttle


Around the mid to late 1980's at age 14 I experience various forms of abilities. For example one evening before bedtime I had a terrible feeling that something was going to happen. Next morning while eating breakfast before school, I couldn't understand why this feeling is becoming stronger by the minute. My attention adverted to the tv where the news media covering the space shuttle Columbia (I can't remember) talked about the shuttle preparing to blast off within a few hours. They also mentioned that ice had formed on the shuttle. My dark feeling then connected to the shuttle and I knew what was about to take place. While riding in my mothers to go to school I thought about how I could stop it from happening. Then suddenly I did something I though very strange. Years later I realize that I must of went into a trance or something because I felt myself in another place. I had teleported to the Space Center where the launch was to take place and my mother was with me. Actually that experience is trance experience involving my mother. She drove us in her car and we'd barely made it in time to try and stop the shuttle from launching. While trying to enter a restricted area (because nobody else would listen to us) we were separated by people who didn't seem to work for NASA but who are more higher ranking. I also felt that they are very low frequency beings. I was then placed in a holding cell or room where two men threatened me and my mother's life. I then wanted out of there quickly and suddenly teleported back into my mother's car. All morning long the feeling of space shuttle blowing up became more and more powerful. Our class is the first to take lunch time and while sitting there not being able to eat I felt that I should scan the lunch room for something. I then saw a teacher or aid, a man, listening very intensely to a radio in front of him. He then jumped up and ran out of the cafeteria and I ran after him. "Hey kid stop right there, I said stop!" yelled one teacher at me. I instinctively ran down to the kid's playing field where I saw the same man looking up into the clear cold sky. It felt as if time stopped although 10 minutes passed, lost my train of thought. Then I could see kids all around me and teachers talking in very low almost whisper like. Then someone pointed at a certain part of the sky and then more people did the same. It was the only cloud in the sky but it was long and bent up and grey, white and black colors. It was also moving straight over 200-300 people standing in a kids playing field, watching it. Apparently this strange looking cloud was from the shuttle explosion about 60 or so miles north east of us. Since then I experience what I call advance abilities, but who am I to ask or tell anything? I've learned that least path of resistance as a whole is key concerning my whole being reality (we don't just create reality we "are" reality). Concerning this reality, I can only ask that you be (believe) whatever you want to be (believe).

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