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Finding A Spiritual Coach


Ever since I was young I have had different experiences.

Dreams, talking to loved ones whom have past. Hearing people talk as I lay down to go to sleep. Example just recently on June 30th I heard my uncles voice. The next morning he passed away. I can't make out what is said, the voices always sound muffled. I have told my husband numerous times driving to slow down and every time he does an incident would happen that could have caused us to wreck.

I can be talking to people and things will just pop out of my mouth. Example we were visiting a relative and went to church with them. A young lady came and said hi to me and I didn't mean to say it, it just popped out. You have had a miscarriage not long ago. She looked at me and said how do you know. I have not told anyone. Then I said you're pregnant again. She hit the floor.

There is much more of other experiences. I have realized I have a gift, I want to know how to get more in touch with what's going on. How to be able to connect with spirits better. I've heard of something called a spiritual coach, how do I find one? Or get into contact with someone who will help me become a strong medium. One that doesn't cost money. My son is the same way and I have not told him yet. I want to know how to work with my gift to teach him how to work with his so he is not afraid.

Please if someone can point me into the right direction, or give me any information on maybe steps to take or who to contact. I want to help others and my son.

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