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Pawn Shop Visit


I am not sure where to start. The beginning-- my daughter and I was visiting a pawn shop. We have done this often. I usually buy tools there, I notice when I walked in I would have a desire to go look at the jewelry. I am not a jewelry fan, by no means.

It was like I was being sent there. I picked out three older wedding rings sets. I would put each one on and on the third set, I saw a vision of an older woman who was skinny very old and had a tear in her eye and a smile on her face. She would hold out her hand to make sure I could see this wedding ring set.

I thought I was losing my mind. I am a very devoted Christian. I am not sure what people would think about this.

I left the rings there and each time I would go to town, once a week I was being drawn to the pawn shop to look at the same rings all three sets again.

I once again put the rings on, and on the third set I seen the very same lady. I now realize I am crazy. Is this normal. On the third visit to town in over a month period. I find myself at the pawn shop.

I ask hubby to accompany me this time. I once again tried all the rings on and on the third set I see the older woman again with a tear and smile holding out her hand showing me the wedding ring set. I thought I don't buy jewelry I have a good wedding ring set that is 25 years old. I love them they are a very cheap set but the meaning is amazing.

I ended up putting the rings in lay away and my heart seams at ease. Does this make sense. Sad but happy.

The craziest thing is the rings are a size 4 the size I wear. No one would of ever guess that.

I am not a small person, I wear a size 14 and my finger was cut off and sew back on and they do not work like normal fingers, but are there for looks. Who would of knew it was a perfect fit.

Can someone please help me with this. Am I losing my mind. I have to start this story over two times my computer kept messing up and shutting down. I am now able to finish this.

Thank You


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RHM (2 stories) (16 posts)
1 year ago (2022-08-22)
[at] mommaj
Well, it's 10 years later. You have a talent for psychometry. Ideally you are using your left hand, as it is more well connected to your right brain. So, psychometry is a right brain function and allows you to gather information from objects held in your left hand. HTH

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