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"visions" Before Something Bad Happens?


This all started when I was about 8, at least, that's when I remember it starting. I often had these vision-type things. I would have a dream about something random I was doing throughout the day and then it would happen when I least expected it, sometimes a year after the dream. It usually felt like a déjà vu but I knew it wasn't.

I didn't really know it had a purpose until now, I still get "visions" and I just realised a pattern. Everytime I get one of my visions something bad happens the same day or the next day. Occasionally it will be a good thing.

For example, I had a vision moment and then later that day I was told my cousin had given birth, and I didn't even know she was in labour. Another example, I had a couple déjà vu/visions and the day after I had been informed that my aunty (who I had never met) passed away in a motorcycle accident. Those are just a couple examples of what they are like. It usually happens twice a week and it's not always about family. Does this mean I'm slightly psychic? How can I strengthen it to make my premonitions revolve more about the situations that happen?

I also have a question about me being around items that belonged to people that have long ago passed away. When I'm around things that belonged to someone that is now dead I get very dizzy or get a weird headrush.

For example, I was with my friend walking around her grandmother's garden (she's still alive), we went into a different part of it and suddenly I got a headrush (like when you stand up too fast) and my eyesight blacked out for a couple seconds. When I told her that she said that the part of the garden we were in belonged to her dead grandfather, and that he only gardened in the particular section we were standing in. That type of thing happens all the time with things that used to belong to dead people. What does it mean?

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