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Doubt or Intuition?


I have at least 3 incidents (or rather accidents) pertaining to what I have (as a lady) known as "intuition". My backstory is that I grew up as a Pagan child, my parents worshipped and what not, and no, Wicca Pagans do not sacrifice their children. Otherwise I wouldn't be posting this as a 20 year-old college girl. Anyway... on to the incidents.

First incident occurred long before I graduated from highschool and my brother owned his first car. The car was a sedan in what my family calls "Arrest Me Red" and it was nicknamed the B.O.M.B (in short, Borrowed Off My Brother). My brother gained a job in our local Bowling Alley in Madison, TN and he went off to drive to his many bowling leagues but it was also his first major car trip on his own. I had the 'doubtful feeling' before my brother embarked to his first trip. Apparently, he was the last to leave and had no other passenger. What happened, you ask? My brother falls asleep on the road, into a ditch and the car got torn in half by a tree. My mom received a phone call from my brother saying that he got into an accident. (Thank Goddess my mom gave him her cell phone!) And so my brother (the bastard!) survived with nothing more than a few scrapes and bruises.

Second incident, this time it took place a few months ago. My family and I have a hoppy of dressing up in medieval clothes and go to parties and events (you may know what I'm talking about). Well my mom, a family friend of ours and I, droved down to an event in this white van that my grandpa (He and Grandma Jean lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana) had given to us. There was a couple of things wrong with this white van. One, it is old and I have traveled in it with my family. Second, the van was not an automatic but rather a stick shift (and I don't drive stick either). Both factors had given me enough reason and doubt for my intuition to kick in and warn me of something bad's gonna happen. Whilst stopping at an intersection, the hood of the van started to smoke white. Mom thought it was the radiator overheating... until the smoke turned black and it wasn't a good sign. I was listening to 'Holding Out for a Hero' on my iPod and sleeping on the floor of the van (I know, its illegal to do so and the cops didn't notice this in the wreckage). All three of us (family friend too) had to abandon the engulfing van and get anything and everything out that was irreplaceable. We survived, nobody got hurt and even our stuff is safe. Don't believe me? I have pictures to prove it. "Mom! I told you that van ain't no good anymore!"

Third incident, my best friend from college drives home from my place (in her Saturn luxury sedan) and gotten rear-ended by a van. I had the 'intuitive' feeling before she left and I'm sort of guilty I didn't tell anyone about it. She is home safe and sound but suffered the effects of adrenaline in her system that was making her hands shake. At least she survived the accident and it wasn't her fault.

In short, I have women's intuition and I ain't afraid to sense it!

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Katie (guest)
16 years ago (2007-09-29)
Hi people do get strange feelings they know when something bad is going to happen. Me instead I don't get a strange feeling I get a dream to explain it for me and tell me these stuff. I nearly died twice on holiday not long ago it was but something stopped me dying. I think your story is interesting thanks for sharing it with us. 😊
Katrina (guest)
17 years ago (2007-01-24)
Wow, this is just wow.
Maybe you should begin warning people when you get these feelings?
It might not change things but it will make your soul rest easier.
BevinKB (aka Bevin) (guest)
17 years ago (2006-11-10)
Fellow Farkers, if you can read this, I apologize for not editing my story because I've been lazy.

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