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Voices - Whispering, Talking and Shouting


Strangely enough, I can hear several types of voices in my head. No, they don't tell me to burn stuff or anything like that! Generally, when I'm confused, or have questions about what's going on with my emotions or my life, I take a time out and quiet down, and ask questions in my mind. Unlike these questions, where I form precise words in my mind before I ask them, the answers come swiftly. Sometimes they are in the form of words, and other times, they are images or feelings, or instantaneous recollections to memories that have some bearing on my situation, ones I've long forgotten.

This "talking" voice helps me in my day-to-day life when I need assistance, and I'm quite grateful that it's constantly riding my butt so I don't do so many stupid and/or clueless things. The "whisper" is more like a gentle pulling in one direction or another, one that tells me if I'm saying something nasty to a friend, or if I just made a poor choice, or other advice or second guessing that is immediately relevant to my current situation.

This story, however, is about the one time I heard the "shout."

I was coming home on the freeway on my motorcycle early in the morning, some time after midnight. It was very dark, even with my headlight, but I was still booking it pretty quickly. I was merging from the 5 North to the 605 North, and since I had just ridden 100 miles, I was riding on auto-pilot. You know, where your mind blanks out from sheer boredom, and your body walks, rides, drives, etc... with little conscious knowledge or input from you.

The merge culminated in a sharp turn to the right, and under the effects of auto-pilot, I was headed straight for the end of the curve, which would have taken me off the edge. I would have ended up either in some trees, or heading straight for the median, or smashed into a railing, at 80 miles an hour. I don't remember exactly what would have happened (it's been a while since I've made the drive), but I know it would have been bad, as I was shaking after this event happened.

All of a sudden, a voice came in my head. This voice was louder than any mental voice I have ever heard before, and I have never heard it since. It shouted, simply, "Slow down! NOW!" I immediately did so, and barely made the curve towards home. I was right on the edge of it, but I didn't go over.

While the whispering and talking seem to offer advice for my life path or current situation, the shout looks to be all about life preservation. It doesn't wait before being spoken to like the talking, and unlike the whispers, it is more direct, impactful words than gentle, nudging emotion.

My family has a few stories like this. My brother once heard a voice/feeling telling him to get out of the lane he was in. He ignored it, and was slammed from behind seconds later.

My aunt once had a voice/feeling telling her to stay off of her usual freeway that day. She did so, and avoided a large pile-up that morning.

My mom says she can hear slot machines in Las Vegas "talk" to her, and uses this guiding voice to win money.

Of course, all of this is anecdotal evidence. I can't prove that any of this is true, and I'm not sure if one or more of my family members are embellishing, or are simply mistaken. Perhaps it's coincidence, and perhaps these wise counselors in my mind are simply me firing back wise things to myself. Maybe the shout was simply my unconscious mind remembering a well-travelled route and shouting a warning to my conscious self.

I personally pride myself on an open, yet healthily skeptical, mind. With all these events together, though, I find myself leaning towards something very interesting going on here. These voices and feelings have offered me plenty of guidance, and have saved my life at least once. I may raise an eyebrow at what occult meaning it could possibly have, but I won't stop looking... and I'm definitely still listening.

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lauterb (110 posts)
7 years ago (2016-02-07)
Dear Chris
You just have a close contact with you protector spirit some call "guardian angel" and the best thing is you are listening him! Congrats, most people do not listen and even worse listen and do not pay attention to their warnings!
There are spirits, not only your protector spirit, but all sort of spirits; good ones, bad ones, they live side by side us influencing our lives more than you can imagine! Yes they can talk to us and much more...
In case you are curious to know more about, look on The Spirits' Book both by Allan Kardec
Good study!
Lukebailey (27 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-29)
sorry for the lack of structure and grammar in my posts. I'm trying to do this on my phone and the touch pad is soo off. I have never heard literally sounds of voices but metaphorically yes on similar occasions like the one youve mentioned. An understanding inner creative force that compells you usually for better and just as if not more clear and noticable than the voice you have when talking to yourself at times
Lukebailey (27 posts)
9 years ago (2014-01-29)
i believe we are a reciever/transmitter/generator for an intelligent life form. We can't see it necessarily but we are made of it and are apart of it at all times.we, with physical tools at our disposal (living beings) transmit some of us energy out into beings. The being will have a seperate one of us caught inside to have opperation and influence. The driver (us) can make our own influence now with perspective of the instance at hand. However we are still always some part the energy of the initial intelligent force and are a reciever too of this all seing all being force. And so at times have a completley non deliberate thought/feeling of things that was not of your (us) driver) doing. How do we generate ideas for instance? This is the influence of the inteligent force (what we are from) it is as us and we can open a pathway to it by resisting interferance of the driver and its intentions, and reducing that of the being influence will be reached undoubtedly and eventually. Then we as the driver do what we want with the new understanding to continue transmitting and generating energy back to the intelligent force.
Chrsw72 (9 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-17)
That was your sprit guide! We get 5 exit points to leave this world to go home, you used one that day...
Niteo (4 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-25)
I've also heard voices that I've since found were the result of connecting to a real person's current experiences or someone else connecting with me. If you have this type of experience, and can find a way to validate it was shared with another, I think that is a way to rule out chemical or other issues. Either way, I think candicene3 is right on with her answer. I feel the emotions (or intent) of the person I connect with, and several times I felt negative vibes from someone who reached out to me. (I was in a very weak and fearfull state at the time.) Now I pray daily for protection and strength, and that I may only see or hear things that are good, or where I may be able to help someone else some how. I am grateful that I no longer have frightening voices reach out to me.:) I hope that is helpful to you.
Juliawood1 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-25)
I started hearing the voices last year. The first time I ever heard them was when I was sitting at the computer taking off my head phones. The voice was a little girl's voice I was right up in my ear and she said my name. It scared me a little it but right after that my dad came home. The same thing happened again about 2 or 3 months afterwards. So I just brushed it thinking My mind is just being active and yeah. So... Just the other night I was in a deep sleep. Suddenly I woke out of nothing. I automatically scanned my room. Nothing was there so I lied my head back on my pillow and gradually fell back asleep. As I fell asleep I heard whispering in the living room. I do have a big brother that stays awake at night, his room is directly across from me. I looked in there as the voices were still whispering, he was asleep... Me second conclusion was maybe my dad was on the phone. The voice did sound like a deep male voice and both my brother and dad have an extremely deep voice. I was scared to look in there but hearing the voices did scare me... I was only scared to look in there because I didn't know what I would see. Anyways, we have a lightpost just beside our drive way and it shines into the living room and at this time the blinds were open. I couldn't see any shadows casting on the wall... The voices sounded like two male voices having a conversation. I could only make out one thing they said one said "She'll do it". After that I layed my head back down. I couldn't go back too sleep until it stopped and eventually it did. I am a 12 year old girl I know I'm fairly young to be on this site but I just wanted some answers and tell at least someone my experiences. I've already told my father. He told me that next time I should try going into the living room and maybe try talking to it verbally or mentally. I don't know if that's a very good idea. Because I don't know what I'm dealing with. When I was younger I had many many experiences. But not with voices. This is the first time I'm hearing voices. It's not really scaring me. It's just... I don't want to hear them again. I'm scared of what I'll hear. I have been woken up violently by something shaking my pillow and yelling at me to wake up. I thought it was my brother so I sat up straight and yelled "what" back. I wasn't too scared that time either. So I brushed it off and went back too sleep. I'm not too sure what's beginning to go on here... I'm kind of worried what will happen in the future. Is it going to keep happening for the rest of my life? Should I talk to it? Is it violent? I have so many more questions to ask. And I want to ask "it" some questions... Am I being haunted? Do I have schizophrenia? Am I becoming a Medium? Please someone answer me... I would love some answers. πŸ˜• Just happy I'm not the only one. ❀
Tara3 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-02-06)
its your angels they say your name and will watch out for you. Don't be freaked out and your not crazy:)
gigi_elle (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-01-18)
hi! I was searching for something like this for a while because something like it is happening to me:

When I'm in my bed trying to sleep I start listening this little whispers, but within minutes they change to a terrible noise, like conversations in the subway or like a mob, usually I don't understand what they say, sometimes they speak in other languages, but about two months ago they started laughing at me, with hysterical screams of joy, and then they all shout one same word, and as much as I tried to move, I couldn't 😒 I wasn't breathing, until a moved and shout, then I don't know why but it stopped, until last night when they talked to me again and I just know that they have something important to tell me but I just don't remember in the morning, and they are kind of scary too... ΒΏwhat should I do? Please help me out πŸ˜•
Flyingdove (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-21)
Someone reading your story might say you read to much fiction. But it's nice to know that no matter how much I read on any topic, I know my own experiences are similar to what you described as an auditory voice in your mind. Reading has heightened this pyschic awareness. Education brings light into ignorance.
Seeing is believing to some. So is hearing, right?
heartslocket (10 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-06)
I hear voices just like you and in what sounds like pretty much the exact same way. They offer advice and I find that they can be really helpful. You are very lucky to have this gift. 😊
luvwatersports (2 stories) (16 posts)
15 years ago (2008-08-13)
😁 You know how to listen. So many people don't "listen" aka go on their gut feeling and do it anyway. Turns out they shouldn't have. (I'm still trying to listen and reconize signs.) So many people would love to know what they are suppose to do in life for a career choice. Or maybe what to do in life in general. Then again they are afraid to seek help.😁 4 u!
candicene3 (guest)
16 years ago (2007-10-28)
In my opinion, hearing voices in your head, hearing auditory voices, and hearing that inner voice that tells you not to walk out in the street in front of a semi are three very different things. I think if you are hearing voices in your head, you may need to see a psychiatrist before exploring paranormal possibilites. Your inner voice, "Intuition," is something we all have. It's just stronger in those with psychic ability. But Auditory voices are a different ball game. There may be a logical explaination like an old air conditioning/heating system where voices carry throughout your Apt. Building/home, or it could be that your state of the art HDTV has an awesome surround sound system that creates the illusion of disembodied voices. You may also be a Sensitive or psychic that is like a beacon in the spirit world. Spirits may pick up the vibrations of those with the potential to hear them. You just never know. I have dealt with this issue for years and have tried to find a logical explaination for why I'm hearing whispering. I have just tried to ignore it out of fear really. I don't want to encourage what I don't understand. If you have a problem before bed, try asking them not to talk to you at night when you are about to fall asleep,,, you may feel silly, but speak out loud and tell them that they are scaring you a little and to please only talk to you during the daylight hours. Just explain the situation nicely. Remember they are/were people too. Also, say a prayer at night asking God to completely cover you with the white light of the holy spirit,,, ask that Micheal and Gabriel are sent to protect you. Ask that no evil be allowed to enter your space or be allowed anywhere near you or your loved ones. This is what I do. It has worked for me.
Katie (guest)
16 years ago (2007-09-29)
My mind my dreams have told me everything really. I found out things from them. I have had a voice in my head once telling me a future event like saying my name and telling me to open the door so I did and my nan was just about to knock on. I can feel someone else's emotions and that. My dreams they come true. Anyway I enjoyed reading your story it was interesting thanks for sharing it with us. 😊
sue (guest)
16 years ago (2007-04-20)
mustbnuts,you got in one love, its hard to clear your mind, try meditation cd's,theres plenty out there, to be honest I listen to moby ,that relaxes me, just do somthing that relaxes you, also try going to a local spiritualist church if feels good then ask about development classes, patiance is the key, when you are truly ready the teacher will come, be it physical or spirit, they work in wonderful ways
keep me posted
blessing xx
MustBnuts (1 stories) (3 posts)
16 years ago (2007-04-19)
Can you tell me more? How can I help them get through to me. I know that my mind is always buzzing and busy, I must learn to quiet my mind to be more receptive.
SUE (guest)
16 years ago (2007-04-19)
mustbnuts,my experience of these sounds is just spirits way of tryin to tune you in, I had this for months and months until eventually it cleared enough for me to be able to hear spirit clearly, it may take awhile just know when you are ready it will become more clear, sometimes we try to hard and it shuts down completely, ask your guides to help
MustBnuts (1 stories) (3 posts)
16 years ago (2007-04-19)
I hope someone can tell us somethime about what this is. I have heard this for as long as I can remember. It is a very low muffled sound of a voice or voices. I can't make out what is being said. It sounds almost like a radio on low in another room, but there is no radio on, trust me I have checked many times. I have tried to be completely silent and listen, but I still can't understand.
Can someone help? What is this?
Vicky (guest)
16 years ago (2007-03-10)
Upon entering puberty I used to go to bed at night and sometimes I would hear a whisper of voices, but I could not make out what they were saying, then more joined in over the top, the whispers got louder and louder until I could take no more and shouted at them to stop... And they would.

I since found out that the house I was in at the time was spirituly active, and have also been told that the voices are common for someone of that age and that it is many spirits all trying to get thru'... Is that true?
Dezerin (guest)
16 years ago (2007-02-15)
I had some strange experiences as I went through puberty, it's difficult to describe but I shall do my best.
I can only descibe it as hearing noise in my head which sounded like I was in a crowded room, I could here countless voices but couldn't single any of them out. These experiences lasted for no longer than 30 seconds and were accompanied by a kind of dizzyness where the real world became almost dreamlike as my mind focused on the noise in my head.
As I grew older the amount they occurred lessened and I now havent experienced one for many years but during my teenage years a week wouldn't go by without me having to quickly grab a chair while this happened to me.
Ive always wondered wether this was just some kind of chemical imbalance in my head or an actual psychic experience so if anyone has had anything similar happen to them then please add to this page.
angeleyes (guest)
16 years ago (2007-01-31)
i too have heard someone shouting in my head. I get a flashing light crossing over my eyes as I close them in bed, then a loud buzzing noise that frightens the living daylights out of me and then a mans voice very loud in my head, only happens occasionally but has mainly shouted "hello" in a sarcastic tone and once shouted "dont do it" but I dont know what its trying to tell me, or if I'm going insane!! I have had premonitions, ghost experiences, and seem to have a feeling about things, I dont know what to think, does anyone else experience this? x

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