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Peculiar Blue Orb Lighting Up My Room


About 9 years ago when I was around ten years of age, I would occasoonally see small orbs of light in my room at night. These orbs varied in color, they were usually blue or a reddish-orange in color. Varing in size from an inch to several inches in diameter. They never actually emitted light from them, they only appeared as if they were lighted. They always floated in the room against the picth black darkness or near pitch blackness. They were static in their positions for the most part. I don't remember many if any were moving or moved.

Then on one occasion I saw a blue orb floating at around head height. This one in particular was about a foot or more in diameter. It lit up the room from pitch black as if someone turned on a whitish-blue light at that position. I sat up instantly like I were startled in a dream and jolted upwards to a sitting position. I was wide awake, I know for a fact that I was awake because I have had very bad insomnia since I was three or four years of age. It usuly takes me hours to fall asleep and this happened not too long after being sent to bed. I immediately said "did you see that?" to my brother who was trying to sleep under me on our bunk bed. The object immediately dissapeared from my view, ceasing to emit any light if whatever caused it was still there. He did not see this phenomenon. I was not scared by seeing this, it only gave me the greatest sense of curiosity that I have ever experienced.

To this day I am unsure of what I actually saw, and it bugs me that I cannot figure out what was actually there in my room that night. I believe the object was an energy field of somesort but I don't believe it was a ghost or spirit. I have been told that it may have been a ball of lighting, but I remember there were no electrical storms that night. And a static position and shape (for that matter) seems odd if it were in fact lightning.

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Zoma777 (2 posts)
8 years ago (2015-04-21)
This is a pretty common occurrence among et contactee's. Have you ever seen a UFO? This is very likely some other intelligence whether from a different dimension, plane, universe or star system. You are a sensitive. Always listen to your intuition and pay attention to your dreams.
Jakebacon0 (1 stories) (15 posts)
8 years ago (2015-04-19)
You are wrong! My experience tells me that what you saw was an elemental spirit.

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