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I had some strange experiences for many years now. I know that no one would ever believe me. Since six years old I had this strange, unseen experience where I was awaken in the middle of the night by strange sound outside and when I looked in the window no one was there. Until now that I have my own family i'm still experiencing something out of ordinary. It seemed like combination of telepathy,dreams, and telekinesis. I know I can't move something but some of the stuffs just suddenly made some strange noises at home even I don't touch it. I even heard footsteps especially if I am alone. I found it really strange. Maybe it was all in my imagination. I find it strange that the lights will blink, turn on and off a few times. It occurred especially when my mom had passed away few years ago. At that time I never knew yet that she passed away. The television suddenly wasn't working at home and the lights just went crazy, it kept turning on & off. Later on, I found out on the phone from a relative that my mom had passed away. I was so sad and devastated. By the same time I heard about this sad news, I quickly sensed that the light near me blinked. It occurred just once but it seemed it felt what I felt at that very moment, the terrible sadness that I felt for my love one's death. I went back to my hometown, stayed at my parents' home for two weeks and & attended her funeral,burial. Two or three days after her burial, I woke up in the morning & saw her spirit. It was quick & she disappeared quickly. I don't know why I have these experiences. I considered these really strange.

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