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Freaky Coincidences?


I'm beginning to think that these 'coincidences' that seem to happen often to me could mean something.

I've always been 'in tune' to other people's emotions, I believe that i'm able to read someones state and therefore empathise without having to ask too many questions. I also get that gut feeling before something is about to happen and i've noticed that the longer I have that gut feeling for, the more significant the event.

I'll list some of the things I remember:

1. I started listening to an old random song, that I would play every morning to put me in a good mood on the way to work. A couple of weeks listening to the song and I go for a sunbed (not healthy, I know). I lay on the bed and a song is already playing, I wish for my fave song to come on with a strong lust and after the advert plays, my song comes on. I don't know why, but I cried with happiness (not time of the month either).

2. I can tell when someone is pregnant and usually guess before them telling me (both friends and aquaintances). I have also predicted when people I know will go into labour and or have the baby by getting the urge to write them a message only to recieve a message later to say 'you were right'. I have also been aware of my lack of excitement in friends pregnancies when it turns out they lost the baby in the end.

3. I have predicted on many occasions when my children or husband will be in danger or have an accident. I did this with my husband when he had a car accident. He was doing a favour for a friend, driving them home on a 2-hour round-trip. I didn't want him to go because of my gut feeling and said to him before he left 'Just drive carefully'. I know this is something that most people tell their loved ones but the gut feeling made me stress my message and when I recieved the news, I wasn't surprised. That was the strange thing. Luckily, he wasn't hurt but the chaos it caused and the damage to other vehicles was serious.

4. The longest period of time with an irritating gut feeling of dread went on for about a year. Something that I put down to just stress and anxiety. It began April 2016 and I couldn't find peace. In August 2017, I was informed by a distant family member that my father was having an affair and sent me evidence to prove it. I told my mother and from that point, found out about the double life and the awful lies my father had told us all over the past 7 years. It turns out that he has always lied and cheated and done some truly terrible things in the span of 37 years he was with my mother. My father cut off contact with the whole family as soon as he found out what we knew and none of us have heard from him since.

I felt liberated of that gut feeling and more secure that I knew the truth. I felt that something big was going to happen, big changes, that the truth will 'out' and it did. The gut feeling I have now is that he is going to do something to hurt himself or others.

5. I called the bank, whilst living abroad, to cancel a credit card. When I spoke to the operator in the UK (surprising, as it's usually to some office in India taking these calls) and gave them my name and details, it turned out to be the person that I had met a few years before and had shared and experience of training and working abroad as holiday reps. I had only spent 1 week with this person, yet they remembered me and we were suddenly put back in contact.

6. I have dreams/thoughts about people that I haven't spoken to or seen for many years and the next day, receive a message from them. I sometimes feel that with one person in particular, when I have strong thoughts about them, I get a message - someone who I've not seen for over 12 years. Still emotionally connected maybe?

7. I sometimes go out and think of someone random I know/ knew and meet them in the street or a shop.

Is this perhaps due to a strong need for control, psychic ability, pure coincidence? The mind can get carried away sometimes but it would be great if these feelings/premonitions could be trusted enough to use them.

Does this happen often to anyone else?

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Loroxy (2 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-28)
I am experiencing all that and more. It's real, I tried to explain away, ignore, find humor. Think the messager may have been getting frustrated because those even major coincidences became slap in the face duh obvious. Woulda saved myself a lot of heartache and time wasted had I embraced these gifts and nurtured them all this time. As they say (my motto) everything happens for a reason, like me finding this incredible site today! We all have questions, we all made to the same place? Coincidence? Just sayin It's an amazing time for these gifts enjoy exploring you! No fear
Creature_of_Darkness (9 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-18)
My thoughts are that if it can be used reliably, it is likely not a coincidences. If you can apply the scientific method to it (hypothesize, test, observe; repeat) and repeatedly get the similar results, than it is true.
ArcanumInvestigator (23 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-09)
You are very "in tune" indeed. I'd say these coincidences are a calling to control your psychic abilities. Explore Empathic more Clairsentient. These can be polished and refined. Intuition is a good thing. Premonitions & Precog sounds like you are already a natural.

Meditation and maybe online quizzes or tests to help iPhone has some apps.

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