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In the past couple of years I've noticed that I have been able to sense or do things that people wouldn't exactly call ordinary. I'm new to this and not exactly sure what these, I guess I could call them, abilities are or what they mean. If you know what they are called let me know in the comments. Anyway, I'll start with visions. I was at a hotel balcony and I had a vision or feeling that someone was going to fall off the balcony. I know weird. Anyway, the next morning after I woke up my grandma told me that she heard in the lobby that someone had gotten really drunk that night at the hotel and tried to jump off their balcony into the pool below. Apparently the paramedics showed up, obviously, but she didn't know whether he had survived the fall or not. Also, I think I can control lights? Anyways, it all started a few months ago when I was walking past a street light that was off and all the sudden it turned on. Since then, when I'm in my kitchen this light would always flicker until the point it had to be replaced because it was broken. But that's not it, lights at my friends house always flicker and in other rooms at my house and I stayed at a hotel last weekend with my family and the light in the bathroom wouldn't stop flickering. Also two doors at the Airbnb I was staying in with my family locked themselves from the inside. It isn't emotional at all, but I've noticed stuff happens when I start to zone out or am really relaxed. I think I have other abilities but I'm not sure anyways I'm running out of room to write.

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Jill2sea (2 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-18)
I had a feelings that something was going to happen and they always seem to happen. I also have what I believe is making contact with my dead Grandmother. That has happened at least 8 times. If anyone has any thoughts on this please share.
christetrapolar (8 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-09)
Hi Maddi2131. You may have a connection with the spirit world.
About the vision your spirit guide or another spirit send you this vision.
About the flickering light it is an indication that a spirit want to talk to you.
I would advise you to meditate with awareness. When you are really relaxed
try to be aware and feel and connect.
Alternate hot and cold baths just before meditation help a lot.
Meditating barefooted when touching earth and even better a tree also helps.
Also try to have positive feeling and thoughts.
Good luck with your spiritual journey let it be that way.

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