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I'm 13 and I've been having Déjà Vu for as long as I could remember. It's like when I see something, I have flashbacks of dreaming of it. It also feel very vague and I can't quite remember having Déjà Vu, though I can feel that I have. I call it a "Dream World" because after it's happened I can't remember where I am for a moment. When I come back from this "Dream World" it feels like I'm fading back to the real world. To make this clearer, it feels like the dream is blurring back to reality. Note I'm saying "feels" a lot, this is because everything is vague.

I told my parents when I was about eight but I could tell they weren't taking me seriously. I started writing them down and calling them "daydreams," something I do all the time (I will be sitting in class and staring at the whiteboard, then all of a sudden I'll "blur" into a daydream and not realize that I'm dreaming for a while. G in class and staring at the whiteboard, then all of a sudden I'll "blur" into a daydream and not realize that I'm dreaming for a while)

My dad would look over them and smile, saying they were "cute." I always thought he would be the one to support me because he believes in the supernatural, though I highly doubt he takes them seriously. Even he didn't believe me though. I quit writing them down not long after because I didn't think any of it would help me out. But those feelings kept happening.

Now, at 13, my daydreams are starting to scare me. They still happen, but sometimes it feels just like I'm asleep (when I'm really in the middle of something) and I can't control anything or do anything in my dream. As if I have to just stand there and watch. The dreams are in my perspective so I cannot see myself. I have no idea what's going on and this is all extremely weird for me. Help!

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Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-25)
Well I don't know about myself but I kind of go into trance without knowing. Mostly happens when I am staring at something. Maybe its just my imagination that I go into somewhere else or into some dimension. I am kind of panic when I snap out and say where the heck was I.Well I don't know if its really possible that when I am at school, I think that I want to go home and see what's happening there. I go into trance and reach home and see what's happening. If a guest visits my home and see him in trance. Although I can't see much clear but still I can see a little bit. When I come home and my mom say, do you know who came to our home today and I tell I already know who is it. I only told my mom about this for once and she called me crazy and refused to believe me. Sometimes the things happen to me almost feel like its just my imagination.
vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-25)
I totally agree with Anne. I must also add that I am also a daydreamer and find that I am often "in my head" (that's my term for it). When I snap out of it, I sometimes feel a bit freaked out because I've lost 10 minutes of a movie, a lecture, a performance, or whatever I am supposed to be paying attention to. It's terrifying when someone calls my name and sort of pulls me "out of my head" very suddenly. My body feels shocked and I realize I haven't been present and maybe I've been caught. You are experiencing another dimension, an expansion of the mind and soul. But the fact is that we live on a planet called Earth... And we must stay "grounded" in order to survive here. So I try to do things to help me stay focused on whatever I need to do (school, etc.). I actually sometimes pat my knee a few times, gently smack my own shoulder a few times, and then touch my cheeks... To remind myself of my human body and to ground myself here. Then I allow myself to daydream and be "in my head" as soon as I get home from work, school, or where ever I am. It's a juggling act, a balancing act. It's tough!

It got to the point where I wrote a sticky note to myself and stuck it on my bedroom mirror so I'd see it every day. It says, "Be grounded." It reminds me that I have to be present in my life. There is a time and place for being "in my head," and it's NOT when I need to perform at my job or get good grades. I can seriously let my grades and homework slip if I don't ground myself, and that's no good at all!

Good luck, and yes, keep a journal! ❤
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
12 years ago (2012-02-24)
First of all, excellent work by writing down your visions. Get back to it! You will thank me later for this advice. I have been keeping journals for years and wish some parental figure had encouraged me to do this in my youth. My youth is long gone but I restarted doing this about a decade ago and they are fascinating to say the least.

If young people like yourself are going to wait for the approval and understanding of your parents, you may be waiting a long time. This isn't just an age issue, it's a social issue. Our society in general is very fearful of the unknown and what mainstream religion has rigorously worked to steer people from so they don't lose control. Lucky for you, you have the internet. I had no such luxury growing up.

Now back to your déjà ua. ALL things that happen are already imprinted on some layer in higher dimensions. This is why we can see the future or a probable one. Countless NDE (near death experiences) are told they have to come back to have a child (this sex, this name), because 'x' future spouse needs them etc. In other words, a déjà vu is getting a glimpse of something that is already imprinted on the etheric or astral. It's very natural and we all have it.

Remote viewing is probably a term you're not aware of, but I think you'd be a gifted remote viewer. You can read more about it on my sister site and even take some sample sessions:

You are a normal and healthy young person. Don't let anyone talk you out of your natural ability. You could be quite valuable to society if you work on these abilities.

Best to you.

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