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This has happened to me for years but recently started getting worse. I have a few things that always happen to me. If I am out at night and agitated or angry street lights go out above me. Not one or two but every one I walk under, once I am far enough past they come back. Explainable by it just being the starter or something but I always found it odd. It has happened enough to me others have commented on it. More then that though I have always had this thing that happens to me. Occasionally usually when angry or frustrated the world starts to pulse around me. I can feel my heart beat amp up through my whole body. At first I thought it was panic attacks but have since ruled that out. Its like the world starts moving slower and I feel this surge of adrenaline. They started when I was around 8. Whats different though is as the world starts to pulse I can seemingly move faster or the world around me moves exceptionally slower. Recently when this has been happening I have tried to harness it. Again could be coincidence but two mirrors shattered when it happened last time and the time before that all the lights went out, there was a power surge. I only vaguely remember it but my mom told me when I was a kid there was the weird happening in which we were in our house and this happened at night and the whole house shook. I am from an area where there are no earthquakes. All this is happening and I am a scientific person so its easy to push off things to coincidence or random phenomenon but its starting to make me question. These have started happening now when I am not even agitated and I am able to think way clearer but what my mind is telling me is happening can't be real. So I am stuck looking for answers on the internet. This can't be real what I can do.

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ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
6 years ago (2017-10-09)
Hi, I believe you might have a couple of gifts you don't even realize yet. I am going to ask you a couple of questions that I believe I already know the answer to. When you touch shopping carts in a store do you get shocked or feel electricity or energy pass through your hands? Do light bulbs instantly blow when you touch a light switch to turn them on? Do self check out devices always screw up when you try to use them? Do battery operated devices go dead too fast when you use or carry them?
If you answer yes to a large percentage of these questions you probably have electro-kinetic abilities. I myself experience these things all the time practically every day. Sometimes it can get quite frustrating. I also have street lights turn off when I drive or walk under them.
Another item I myself experience is getting amped up when thunder or lightning storms develop. I start to feel jittery when the atmospheric charge starts to increase.
You talk about the world seeming to slow and your moving faster. Sometimes this is caused by a rush or flow of Adrenalin. It will cause all of those descriptions you talk about that you perceive physically. The Adrenalin changes how your brain uses information coming in.

I am Swedish and I come from a line of berserkers'. My family members have a physical change that happens if we get too angry. Mine is to the extreme if I lose control. I get so flooded with Adrenalin that at times I blackout or have no memory of what I have done and feel no pain. My body and mind change. I get the strength of 2 or more men and feel no pain during injury. I have had my head split open by a quart beer bottle and never felt it until later when I come out of the altered state. My mind becomes razor focused just before the blur of motion happens. Oh I forgot I move lightning fast in this altered state. I have literally disarmed my attackers and used their own weapons on them before they realized what was going to happen. I was attacked one night by a robber with a knife and I was unarmed. He thrust a knife toward my stomach and I was already moving by the time I got a good look at the butterfly knife. I reached out grabbed the blade and popped it out of his hand and thrust it into his thigh in about half a second. I backed up ran to the nearest building and called the police. 4 witnesses saw what happened and told the police the same story. The attacker jumped into a car that pulled up and took off.
The point is I knew what was coming before it happened and it was like a blur to me until I calmed down.
I think some of us under tremendous focus can see a short distance into the future or affect things immediately around us. I was seeing and reacting to things twice as fast as my attacker and possibly saved my own life. I don't know that I would have died but, I definitely would have needed a hospital.
I never got a scratch on me or my hand. It was unreal.
The witnesses said they saw the guy pull the knife out and next thing it was in his leg.

I am just giving you an example of altered perception of the world around you, but everyone has unique experiences.

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