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The Stillness And The Pulse


I have posted an article a few days ago about how I have been having issues using any "paranormal" ability I possess. This includes minor telekenesis, astral projection, precognition as well as interacting with my guardian spirit. However almost for three weeks there have been no success in doing anything like that.

When I posted the article, someone named barry2962 replied that apparently many people are having issues with their gifts as of late. I confirmed this by the stories of barry2962, as well as five other friends who have paranormal abilities. I realize that this is not enough to do a legitimate survey, however it does tell the simple truth. That there is something going on to block various "disciplines" of paranormal abilities.

What the second half of the title addresses is the weird sensation I have been feeling more and more recently. What happens is that I will be doing various things I normally do during the day such as work, reading and such. When out of the blue I will feel a pulse, not my own but a pulse none the less. It feels like a cold wave of energy is originating from my core and spreading though my body. I don't feel cold, and goose bumps do not form on my skin, but the sensation is cold none the less. The only thing I can accurately compare it to is when you get an MRI or CAT scan they will occasionally pump a dye into your veins in order to have specific parts show up better. It feels like that, just forming in my core and radiating out. When the pulse is all said and done a strange thing happens to my hands. They look purple and nearly black, almost like the color of a deep bruise after it has had a day to "ferment".

As of the time of this writing I have felt the pulse on three separate occasions, all of which would last about fifteen seconds at a time. I am not sure if that I addressed this before, but when I feel the pulse it's not because of climate factors. So it's not just my body reacting to a cold sensation.

Either way I would appreciate any help with this matter and would also appreciate if there are any other skilled users out there that could offer a few words to the wise in order to improve my technique. Thanks again for reading this


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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-08)
In Astral projection the heart/3rd eye is used.
In Telepathy the solar plexus and heart/3rd eye are used.
Hands are smaller chakras and they are physically
Conected to the arteries and heart, so when your
Higher self is trying to jump start, you see it
In the extremities-hands pulling in energy from the
Sky which is cleansing.

To help shift your energy you can use a Black obsidien.
I prefer and recommend: Orthoceras with the white
Fossil bones showing. Using Three stones.: one at 3rd eye, 2nd at heart, 3rd at solar plexus if the stone has a point. Point it downward.
Before use:The stones will have to cleaned with soap and running water with intent to cleans. It can be set with your intent visualizing healing energy over it-you can set you hands over.
Put in window seal and use next day.
After use you can clean and lay in sea salt for 3-5days
Will clear. I put keep in a crystal dish with top.
(Note: this stone if used too much can bring out the shadow
Part of ourself, so after using, use a rose quarts or Rhodonite.

Using a spiritual bath: of Baking soda and Sea Salt
In a bath covering the whole body will help a little.
Use 3 times for the week, will also help with subtle body.

Once you clear yourself and are back on track. After your Astral or Telepathy projection activity I would
Do some grounding and use Gold color pulling it from
Under the feet moving upward. Then apply the blue
Pulling upward and then downward along the spine.

A preventative during day hours is being able to
Breath and observe events and not hold on musing
Over wrongful acts or problems.
This will be on an individual basis and each of us
Has to impliment what works based on beliefs.
And this is not necessarily religious beliefs but
A way of a spiritual path if that makes sense.
This actually keeps our physical/emotional and mental
Self in balance so when we work: on Astral level or
Mentally-telepathically we are a clear channel.

The earth and the people on the planet are moving very quickly and there's loads of stress so as
Spiritual individuals we have to have tools that ground/clear/release our centers/chakras.

Sorry for the long list.

Good journey
shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-07)
I think that is more controlling your chakras and energy in your body than meditation. Meditation is being in peace and thinking no thoughts or at least doing your best to try to. I have also felt that cold feeling. It was weird and it seemed to be centered around my spine. I sometimes in my life felt that cold energy but not as strong as I did when it happened along my spine 2 days ago.
Xancvil (5 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-07)
[at] PathR

What I do for meditation is possibly a unique method. I use mathamatical breathing, which is inhale for one second, hold for one second, exhale for one second. I do that until I get to about tweleve or so. All the while I picture my core radiating energy to my limbs, primarily my hands and arms. I feel the energy as a cold wave, like I described above.

Im not sure if this helps any... But if you know somthing I would really appreciate the help. Feel free to email me
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-06)
Many people speak of the Hara being their core.
Normally the Hara is connected to the Soul Star chakra above the head, which make sense feeling cold since
These two connections are made from the Hara.

You will have to consciously connect to the earth
Chakra to bring a balance.

What type of meditation do you practice?

I am asking because our energy frequency
Is changing, so many of the same methods do not

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