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Suddenly Astrally Projecting And Seeing Spirits


In order to really understand my odd story we have to go back, way back, about to the time of my childhood. I have always seen "the monster under the bed" or "the thing right behind me", and my parents were very quick to dismiss them as "childhood delusions" and would set me straight. So as I grew older I delved into science, and embraced it with the same fervor one would save for a soul mate. This continued unopposed until the time when I was about 16 (give or take).

When I was 16 the first real experience I had involved me in a Barnes & Noble book store, reading the book "dark heresy" (its an rpg). I was reading it and eventually came to the conclusion that it would have a good home in my book shelf. So, seeing how I did not have the money on me I resolved to come back the next day to buy it properly. When I returned and asked for it, they said that it did not exist, like at all. When they looked it up in more detail they said that it was not due out for another three months, they didn't even have "pre release" copies out yet. Frustrated because I did hold the book, and remembered large swathes of its content, I pre ordered it and went directly to two different game stores. What I found there was more of the same, does not exist and out in three months. Well flash forward three months and I receive my book, only to find out that I was correct. All the information I remembered (and I remembered a LOT) was 99% correct. So when I read a book that just came out, I knew almost all of the information contained within.

Starting from there, I seemed to develop "knacks" for activities I have not ever had the chance to do, let alone practice. This would range from knowing information in books I have never seen before, to picking up an arc welder and welding like a pro.

On the year when I turned 17 I had heart surgery in December, where they took out a large chunk of my heart, and replaced it with a graft from an animal. After the surgery I was always seeing things flitting and floating around my room and the hospital. My mom suggested that it was the pain medication, but I was not on any. Truth be told I only used pain medication immediately after surgery, and that was three times in two days. The rest of the two weeks I was in the hospital I was on no mentally altering drugs, yet I still saw things. I was later informed that I had died on the operating table for a few seconds, with no apparent ill effects.

Two months later in February I had a MASSIVE anxiety attack, to the point where my heart stopped for about 2 seconds and I collapsed. I know my heart stopped because when I collapsed the only thing I could hear was my heart beating, and I heard it stop for a short period of time before starting back up again. I got back up, and asked to leave work in light of this new medical incident, so I went to the hospital and they saw that my body was literally DISOLVING my new grafts. It just so happened that the team who did my first heart surgery was in the ICU at the time, and the next day I was back on the operating table. Because they had to replace a graft with something mechanical, they had to stop my heart for about 4 seconds, so for the third time in 4 months I was dead. The figures I saw floating were the same ones, as I was next to the room I was in previously. Once again my mom dismissed it as pain medication, but this time I was not on ANY.

I saw the figures off and on until the point when I was 18, where the paranormal started in earnest. I was working as a security guard when I saw a spirit that looked kind of "Jack Skellington" of Nightmare before Christmas fame. He was just hanging out there like I was the one intruding on his property. He made multiple appearances over the next few weeks, getting closer and closer until I saw him riding shotgun in my car. I eventually came to accept him as a companion and talked to him and such. It was revealed later that he is a sort of guardian spirit, not a guardian angel but a spirit who is protective of me anyway. I have come to calling him Jack due to his appearance, and to be a bit more respectful when talking to him. He has not responded as of yet, but I get a feeling he is try to. But I can't hear it.

Thats when I went in to see an old friend of the family, a legitimate psychic. After a two hour long interview he proclaimed "that I was one of the most spiritually sensitive people he has ever met". So I went to another one at his urging, and the second one said the same thing, that I was very sensitive to this sort of thing.

A week later I had just got off a long shift and had left my book in the company car back at the site, which is about a good 2 hour drive away. I fell asleep quickly, dreaming for the first time in weeks and saw myself back in the car, where I found my book. I reached for the book and found myself back in my room. I put the book on the edge of my bed and fell back asleep in the dream. When I woke up the book was right where I put it in the dream, right next to me.

Ever since that incident I have been experiencing more and more of the same kinds of things. What happens most commonly is that I will end up using my laptop while sleeping. My laptop is generally all the way across the room or on a lower floor, in a tangle of power cords that I wouldn't want to unplug even if I was awake, let alone sleeping. What ends up happening is I end up "waking up" in my bed with the laptop on my lap. I will absent mindedly search for various information, going on Wikipedia about various subjects and learning. What breaks the dream, is when I realize I can put my hand through the laptop totally, like I was a ghost. I will realize this and stop, falling asleep in earnest. When I wake up in the morning (the real one, not a dream) I will remember everything that I learned the night previous, yet the laptop has not been disturbed in the slightest.

I have been seeing more and more ghosts as of recent, and not all of them are human shaped to put it bluntly. Their corpus (bodies, or spiritual equivalent) are black as pitch and have faded edges, Like they were made of watercolor paint. Even if they are faded, the edges will be sharp and pointed, as if covered in spikes or ruffed fur. What I also have been seeing these days are what I end up calling "men in hoods". They are wearing "sith" style hooded cloaks, deep hood, flowing robe and such. The robes are black, as is their corpus however its two totally different shades. They just seem solemn and waiting, not making aggressive movements or anything, just waiting.

Well that's my story and I thank you for taking the time to read this novel of a post. I would appreciate any ideas on what to do or even support saying that I'm not a lunatic.

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Kallygypsy (3 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-08)
While reading through your post I kept thinking, this doesn't seem strange to me at all. Not to get all into 2012 predictions... I do believe that the "change" will be spiritual/mental rather than physical/earth. I see an evolution of man ahead and it begins with people like you and me.

It's not easy to understand things that come to you that no one else in your life ever taught you or even mentioned. I let my spirit guides lead the way towards my better understanding. I've also done a lot of research in all sorts of areas.

I really appreciate that you shared your experiences. It's reassuring to me that there are others like us,
That we aren't just crazy and that we might actually have a gift.

I don't have any relatives who have experiences like mine. Only a few cousins even think spiritually and they aren't quite where I'm at... Makes discussions with them a little difficult. I'm always seeking to learn more and they are content where they are at. I'm ok with their contentment. It works for them.

I wanted to add, if it's a good thing, you want to learn as much about it as you can. I don't agree with psychiatrists who think everyone needs to integrate everything they become aware of. Some things refuse to give up their individuality and it's wrong for us to expect that from them.

Anything we perceive is a part of us, like the earth is part of the universe. These entities or guides or whatever you want to call them, make themselves known to us for a reason. It's nice when they let us know why they are here with us. Sometimes you know right away and other times you have to do a lot of work before they even give you a clue.

I like what Walkdre was saying about keeping them or letting them go. It's your choice. Pick your entities the same way you would a friend. You can even test them to determine if they have your best interest in essence. Either way, deep down you'll know and there are methods for making them feel like talking to you as well as methods for shewing them away.

Fascinating post... I look forward to reading more from you and Walkdre.
Take care.:)
Walkdre (18 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-07)
*Long post, not trying to spam, wanting to be as comprehensive as possible*

Jack could be a few things, an alter of yourself 'from' some other plane/time/thing that got close at random by accident. Or he could have been a wandering external, 'similar' to you in (energy/vibration/personality/interest/whatever). You notice him, he notices you, he likes what he sees in you, - heart, soul, opinions. So you're friends now, pretty much. (Time and dimension get wonky too, mind boggles trying to -put it in a straight line- usually easier to ignore time, or just let it be.)
Or again, a part or persona of you, you just happened to notice one day on the 'outside' of you rather than him wandering around in your mind. The mind a living realm of it's own. The more I try to simplify, the more 'complicated' it gets, it seems.

He can probably tell you of himself way, way better than I can guess.


As he's accepted by you, and you him, he shares with you. You being a sort of vessel for him to see/experience life through. A fellow traveler on your shoulder, in

Your psyche, in your essence of being. Any origin amounts the same. Him being with you, makes him more -like- you; and you more like him as time and

Experience shared, marches on. The two of you sharing of each other 'what' you are. It's all really confusing and really simple at the same time.

Finding exact words or terms is a bit tricky.

Regardless of his 'source' then, he IS now, a part of you. The why's and how's are his story to tell. Your's to learn together.

You may learn more of him in 'dream'. Stories, his life, where he's from, who he is or was (this earth or not) if he had friends. All sorts of fantastic
Stuff "people only dream of."

He reminds you of Jack, from The Nightmare Before Christmas, possibly, where he's from is like that, or he himself is 'like' Jack from the movie. (I call
Clues like that - pings).

I have -quick lesson- on the steps to learning of guides, and some safety steps. Safety steps are so you can 'fight' waking nightmares, sleeping nightmares. The mental protections your mind sets up to keep unready from stumbling a little 'too fast' into this.

All of this happens 'in the mind' but that doesn't make it not real. The benefit of it being 'in your head' is that it's -YOUR- head, so you can set
All the rules from the more, uppity, 'friends' or guides you may eventually run into.

*Your Jack reminds me of my own I call Noble. Long story. Smart guy, good natured, shadowy, bit rough around the edges, though.

If you're seeing a fair number of 'similar' looking entity, they could be your -First Lines-, as I call them, a mental/spiritual manifestation of a psychic immune system.
Most people have a 'swarm like' entity that likes to use large numbers on unwanted thoughts or beings you may run into.

They're very likely to be aware of you, it makes sense, you are their home. Again, most people don't notice theirs. A lot of times, these First Lines
Manifest in a nightmare, as something you can't escape. Which is how they treat intruders. -internal/external, complicated iffy terms.

A person encountering their First Lines in a dream is taking those first accidental steps into growing the realm of their mind.

These should not be confused with Terrors. These put up a big fight too, and in most cases, people can't handle their own mind attacking them for no
Obvious reason.

The subconscious felt tonight was good night to face some idea, concept or persona that has -really- bothered it for awhile, and left it on your mental
Door step, ~yay.

Again, each group is different, as is every person. These may be a colony of spirits who live within you, for whatever reason. Think blood-cells in the
Body as being 'alive' because they are.

These entity are similar. 'Bigger', more singular ones are more Persona. Groups are more extensions of 'a' Persona, again each individual being
Unique. I'd bank on the spiky furry ones being the First Lines, 'maybe', spikes make for good defense/offense.
You can gain more than one group of these First Lines. There's a good chance they have a 'leader' or father/mother in there somewhere. They'll make
Themselves known, for sure.


And yes, all of these are fragments of personality. True living selves, distinct from you but 'of you'. Even First Lines have thoughts and opinions
And musical preference. Many say the way to go is to 'integrate' them, force them into one whole somehow. But I've always seen that to be crude and cruel.

You can 'expel' bad ones, or lock them up until they learn not to be a meanie heads, but no reason to fight or erase a good one.

Merging either happens or it doesn't when the time is right. As you grow in spirit, more guides will 'come' to you from the outside, or 'be born' within
You, from aspects of your life/history/memory.

I 'think' the astral self lap-toping is a VERY similar alternate you. Likely in the dimension next door, so to speak. His laptop for one reason or
Another, easier to move around. As you sleep, you body hop among dimensional alters as well. You may see spouses, friends, and children -you- don't have,
But they do.

A spice of life, glorious infinity thing that is a real gift to have.

Not that you can't astrally leave your body. You can. A little bit of your 'aura' puffs out a pinky size version of you, then, this proxy/avatar fills
Like an air balloon to 'normal' size... To keep the experience from being 'too weird'. The mind accepts you as your normal height easier than it does
Being a half inch tall.

As well, dreams can weave temporary or permanent realities for you to explore. THIS world doesn't change much, too many other independent minds
With free will, making and following basic rules. So, you 'go' somewhere where you can be your 'true' self, in a sense, where the rules that are
Slowing you down, don't exists, or, not as strongly. There's still the -can't be killed- thing.

Having an active guide/persona helps guard against accidental fear/shock induced heart attacks, that can happen, well, I've heard tell of it anyway, I don't bank on it, but whatever.

May ask Jack to keep a protective eye on
You as all this is going on. (If you haven't asked him already.) You know, keep you aware of your current limits, don't walk off an astral cliff that has you falling off your bed. That sort of thing.

Set some ground rules of 'no walking me around please' to all persona, known or unknown.


I'm not sure about family history. My immediate family has various 'gifts' but the extended family is about as 'special' as a rock. I mean, nothing 'wrong' with the extended, but they just "ain't got it". Maybe they could but that's more their deal. Basically, you got 'lucky' woo~.


My other post to - "Whispers In My Head" has the quick basics of how I went about developing myself and my family and friends.
So far, nobody's complained, except that I'm all better at it -but I've been like this for years, so, experience and so on.

Keeping a notepad with you for 'pings' and dreams helps keep things flowing. If things are getting too intense, just let your guides know you need a break. There's no need to rush or push. And some decent sleep without galaxy/dimension hopping is nice too.

Astral projection can take you - a lot- farther than the other side of our little ball of earth. (Accidental nightmare fuel to land on a planet with 'aliens' and so forth. Or you dimension hop into an alter self, that -is- an alien. Infinite earths, possability, it happens. -a reason for jumping so far is -another 'you' is there, or someone important to you. Great grand-kid who is an alien, and the part of you that 'was' there want's to see they're okay. Or any other number of reasons that wild to ponder, somehow make perfect sense.)

Don't be discouraged, one step, and it's okay to be afraid, sometimes, there's some weird stuff to see out there, but don't let fear be the rule, you are strong in yourself, and you're not alone in your travels.

Kind of funny with all this psychic stuff going on, I still have to eat breakfast, go to work, and pay bills. But the flip side is, it's good I can enjoy the 'little' things in life much better as well.

Again, these are my impressions, if something doesn't -fit- for you, use what terms or explanations feel more comfortable for you.

*Pointing out specifically how to 'grow/foster' your connections, is do draw/paint - creative expression, write whatever comes to mind in a text file or notepad, and/or listen to music - just test out different music... With a notepad nearby. It may seem silly, but it's easier for them to 'talk' to you with someone else's words/lyrics/writing. -Big Pings, often have a strong emotional connection, you hear a song you've heard a million times, never payed attention to it, but on 'this' day, hearing it has you bawling, or really happy dancing. It takes some getting used to and calms down as you understand it.-

Hope this helped rather than complicate it more.
I'll keep an eye out for any further questions, and feel free to e-mail.
Best Wishes.
Xancvil (5 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-07)
Thank you Walkdre, really its nice to know that I'm not a total fruitcake. The thing I am confused about, is that there is no real history or paranormal activity, or even mental disorders. (im not calling paranormal activity mental disorders by any means, I was meaning that it could be misdiagnosed) This is going back three generations, all to no avail. But I am just making sure that I am understanding what you said Walkdre, that Jack is an inner version of me, and my astral projection is actually just that. Also the other figures I see are almost like fragments of my personality? You noted how to more or less get rid of them, but I was wondering how to do the inverse. I would love to get to know my abilites and how to use them properly. The pre-cognition thing hasnt happened in a while, but the visions and astral projection has been happening more often. I would appreciate any help at all.

Thanks again

Walkdre (18 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-07)
You're deals sound a lot like mine. I'd had a similar book incident, though the book I'd glanced, that was on my bookshelf supposedly seems to not exists, either on the shelf or on google. It's some alternate version of "The Black Cauldron" with illustrations, not the disney version - would love to find it it, but anyway. (That book was years ago, remembered about it a few days ago. Not exactly the same, but similar)

This is is my view of the situation. Factoring in Psi, Quantum Physics, Mythos, Religions, Dreams, and my study of psychology/brain workings. (I had to study all of this over the years to get the big picture view.)

The 'you' google searching, is likely an alternate you within you (a persona, or subconscious self). I refer to any fairly strong 'internal' influence as spirit guides, so alter you's as well as the seemingly -not you's- fall into what I call a Guide. Jack being a Guide/friend also. Guide/Persona as "I" define them, you're free to call them whatever, obviously.

The dreams are them trying to find useful/helpful info to share with you on whatever it is they think is important. That or they're just trying to learn about the world in general for themselves, depending their origin. Life here could be a good deal different than what they're used to, so there is that.

Or they're simply looking into things of their own interest/hobby or yours. More or less depends on the subjects and all. That'd make sense too, you're sleeping, they can get around easier, go look up the whatever.

The men in hoods could be other internals you've not 'met' yet. If they're external you can choose to let them in (focus more on them, look at them harder, give them roles/titles definitions).

Or reject (ignore, pass off as not real, ask/demand they leave, use nonsense words to define them; ex call them jar apples - it's difficult for 'externals' to manifest if you keep telling your brain they aren't what they appear to be to it. A mental reinforcement thing, eventually your brain will just accept that they are "Jar Aplles... Whatever those are.)

A magic word for rejection/unfocus is "Whatever", - "Oh look, a whatever, anyway, I'm going to go get a soda, Doo dee doo~"

Them being black/shadowy/inky/murky is more a perspective/perception thing. They may have other colors in them, it's just a bit trickier to see the details with normal eyes. You mind has no reference or definition to base them off of, so at the moment, they're black shapes. Maybe draw them (if you want them around) and color them in.

It's up to you to discover and define them as what feels 'true' to you. I've been typing out some steps/lessons on what's worked for me on my blog thing. Takes a lot of time to get even the basics out and it all gets (advanced - complicated, big idea concept stuff) - so for now I'm just putting it out there as I can. My whole family has used these methods and it's worked for us, by reason, it should work fine for others. I hope this helps you figure them out. Best Wishes.

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