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I am fairly new to this website, and I want to know if I am truly psychic.

Just the other day, my family took a vacation to Seattle, Washington, and I did not come back the same. On the vacay, I was normal. I was energetic, I was happy! Just you're normal thirteen year old girl! However, my cousin and I were high up in a tree. About half way down, I slipped, fell, and was knocked unconscious.

I was unconscious for a pretty long while as I woke up in the hospital. Upon leaving, I saw an elderly lady and a man about the same age walking down the hall. I wondered what they were doing out so late and walked towards them. I lifted out my arm, when my cousin, Ashley, stopped me, asking, "Karina, who are you reaching out to?"

I jerk my hand and turn around. I quickly reply, "No one," and when I turn back around, they're gone. I go to the counter and ask if they had seen anyone about the regular, "Yay-high, colored hair, all that," and they say they haven't. I pass it off as I was seeing things.

We returned home yesterday to Florida, and me, being pretty tired from a long flight, go straight to my bedroom to go to bed. A few minutes later my mother comes in and says I need to take a shower.

The bathroom is fairly hot, as I keep the water scolding, the way I like it. So yes, the mirrors are fogged, and I hear a faint squeaking. Assuming it's my sick twin sister coming inside and writing on the mirror.

"Lindsey," I say, "Stop it." the squeaking stops, and I get out.

On the mirror is etched, "my rules."

I throw on my robe and run to our room and ask Lindsey if she was ever in the bathroom. She says no. I return, and the writing is gone, and fog has replaced it.

Then I see a white mist running down the hallway, and into my parents room.

I expect it to be the cat, and run in after it, but no one or anything is in there, then I hear, "Kat, turn around!"

I turn around and a pale mist in the shape of a face blows into my face. I run back into mine and Lindsey's room and bury my face in the pillow. I go to sleep, and forget about the whole thing. That night I had a dream. A dream of a little girl, running into our basement, and destroying my dad's office. It was short, and simple, to the point, and I woke up.

This morning, I was getting ready for school, when a little girl walks down the hallway. Since Lindsey is sick, she isn't up, and she's not as short as the little girl. I walk into the hallway and follow to where I think she may have gone. I walk downstairs, and in the living room, to the downstairs to out basement, I see her walking down the stairs.

"Hey," I call, and chase after her. But when I get into the basement no one is there. Just my dad's office stuff.

I can't really describe what she looked like, but she appeared to be wearing red 60's clothing, and her hair was in a ponytail, and was black. Everything else, was just... Just weird. She seemed to be more gliding than walking. And right before she went downstairs she looked at me and quickly turned away.

When I get home I hear, "KARINA!GET DOWN HERE NOW!" My dad called me into the basement.

All of my dad's stuff is ruined! Papers lay scattered on his floor, all of his info on his laptop of erased. And then I hear, "Kat, turn around." And when I turn around the girl is running into the living room away from me.

My dad turns me around and asks me why I turned around.

I'm a little confused since this has only been happening since Saturday, and not all that much has happened. Since no one else has seen or heard it, I'm wondering if I'm psychic, especially since that dream came true. But I'm also wondering if I'm not psychic and it's just a mischievous ghost.

Any info or questions are welcome!

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