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I posted a story about two days ago about my coming to terms with my paranormal abilities that I think spawned from my three near death experiences. However I have been noticing an odd thing happening whenever I am in a large pool of water, or even having my hands in a full sink.

I have noticed that whenever my hands are in water, it seems thicker than what it should be. Not thick to the point of clay or even syrup, but seeming like it could be if I gave it a shot. What I have also noticed is that my joints feel tingly in the water. They seem slightly stiff with a bit of tingling, as if they fell asleep.

I have read other posts about similar topics, and have noticed that there is all one binding similarity, that the people who posses such abilities always manifest them in their dreams. I have not had any such dreams, only astrally projecting as even sleep walking. (that was addressed in my last post, and will not be discussed here).

Truth be told I have no clue what to do in the slightest. Part of me wants to see if I actually have something here, and another part of me isn't sure if this will actually work. I have tried focusing when I was in the water, visualizing the hopeful end product (at this point in time, I am aiming very low. To the point of a simple movement of water other than the product of my hands) I have visualized, I have projected energy, and am at a standstill.

If there is any person who has had similar experiences or even a person who could even confirm or deny weather or not I have something going on here, or if its just me grasping at empty visions.

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Sisyphus_Of_Comprehension (2 stories) (69 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-08)
The trick to physical kinesis of any sort is a propensity for that substance in the physical world. Try doing tai chi in a body of water -- channeling energy along certain paths that the fluid is making will allow you to manipulate the medium more effectively. It works the same way with the air, only the wind requires less effort to move. Allowing a ki blast to leave your hand efficiently is more difficult than most will admit, but tai chi can teach you to generate waves of water with small movements of your hands. I would practice in a tub or in a pool, by swimming, and using your energy to propel yourself through the water.
Anaelyssa (1 stories) (135 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-08)
I've found that I tend to feel energy with my hands easier than with other parts of my body. Sometimes, when I am walking outside with my hands bare (not in gloves) or when I'm meditating, I will feel energy around my hands. It's similar to what you describe about tingly joints.

It's interesting that you mention using abilities in one's dreams. By that standard, I should definitely have hydrokinesis since in my dreams I've used natural water (ponds, rivers) as an escape route and I've raised waves and stopped/flooded a river. When I do this in my dreams, it's usually a simple exercise of will, like moving my body or lifting an object (thought this might have to do with the nature of the astral planes). However, I've never done this in real life, perhaps because I haven't tried enough (or much at all).

You might want to try practicing different things to see what works for you. Maybe you can cause ripples in a glass/bowl of water that should be still. Maybe you can amplify natural things, like make waves higher. Also, it's probably possible to have delayed effects, like you will for a wave to get bigger, but it doesn't happen, but then a month later you get a tsunami (extreme example).

I hope this was at all helpful and not just a bunch of random rambling...

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