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Hydrokinesis Emergence


Seven days ago I submitted a story about how I feel strange sensations while any part of me is submerged in the water, primarily around my hands and my arms. Well I have been practicing whenever I would get a quiet moment to myself, whether when I'm home alone or when others are sleeping. It should be noted that I am not nervous of my powers, far from it. I am merely intending to post this in order to help any other latent people come to terms with their gifts. Also if anyone has any tips for me, I would appreciate them (I am by no means a master, I am not even a novice. I have only dipped a toe into this interesting art)

The tools I primarily use is a simple cereal bowl full of water and a simple toothpick. After sitting down with the bowl on the floor in front of me and floating the toothpick in the water I start to focus inward. I primarily sit down however its comfortable, that varies from simple "pretzel" style (ankles under opposite knee), to a pseudo lotus (one ankle on top of one knee, the other below the other knee) to a really, really poor lotus (both ankles on top of the opposite knee). I extend my arms loosely on the imaginary line that connects the shoulder and the knee, with my fingertips gently touching the floor.

What comes next is what I do, this is by no means a guide on what you should do. I close my eyes and feel my heartbeat with my whole being, all the while I focus on the inky blackness that is visible when you close your eyes. What I have found useful is deep breathing, or a more mathematical technique (inhale 1, hold 1, exhale 1, inhale 2 and so on). After a while I feel something akin to down shifting, its hard to describe but you know it when you feel it. After I feel that, my arms feel like they have cold water cascading down them, not a "lack of blood" feeling, but like you are submerging them in a cold pool.

After I open my eyes I look at the bowl and toothpick ahead of me, by this point the toothpick is not moving at all. If you can manage to make it float in the middle of the bowl, all the better. However do not be discouraged if the only way you can stop its movement is to float it near the edge of the bowl. After I have achieved the proper stillness I stare hard at the toothpick. Then I focus beyond it, almost meshing my left hand (I'm a lefty) like the best type of Velcro imaginable.

After I achieve the meshing I then pretend to grab the toothpick with my hand maybe about two feet from the bowl. I try to feel it with my hands, like its already there. Slowly I try to do something simple, like turning it or something small (pushing comes later). After a while you will notice small adjustments in the toothpicks position, nothing too drastic as of yet but noticeable none the less.

Once you have the toothpick in your power, and are confidant push yourself. See what you can make it do, just be careful that you aren't accidently blowing it around with your breathing or even the wind generated by long sleeved shirts.

I really hope this helps people out there, and if anyone has any tips and tricks that they would like to share, by all means comment. I thank you for taking your time to read this long rambling post, and I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors.

Thanks again!


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Ladfyhawke (1 stories) (103 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-17)
Your technique is akin to astrally reaching for the toothpick. My father was always trying to grab the flowers out of the vase as he floated over with his toes. You are having a beginners success, perhaps full projection would be of interest to you. Water does carry its own frequency which is very like the astral body floating compared to the gross matter body (your solid self) floating in water. I never thought to try projection from in water (I have a drowning fear to overcome) however it may be relevant to you. It will further open you, so prayers of protection and understanding would be good for you. There are many folks with sites to visit about astral projection here, my favorite is rather old, I learned a great deal from Robert Monroe. Blessed be,Ladyhawke
Anaelyssa (1 stories) (135 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-16)
I agree with Mubashir.

Your description sounds like you're moving the toothpick directly. Hydrokinesis would be merging with the water and moving the water. The toothpick on top of the water would reflect that movement.
Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-15)
Well judging by your experience its more Telekinesis rather than hydrokinesis. I don't have much informations about such things but they keep popping out of nowhere and do something amazing. Telekinesis is ability that moves an object by your will and as for hydrokinesis, I think its the power over water abilities like healing, rain and stuff like that. In random I have experienced a little pyrokinesis as well that wil raise your body temprature more than usual. Anyways its really great that you were able to pull out telekinesis. Keep up the good work and I know you will be able to master the full extent of telekinesis. Take care and bye 😁

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