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Premonitions That I Can Live Without


This is my second posts and probably would be my last. I will tell you why. On 30th January, I wrote a story titled 'My Dream and The Experience'. It was categorized as premonition/precognition. And that premonition happened a few years ago and was one of the MANY that I had had. I would like to share my little story.

I did talk to others about my dreams and the experiences but they were like "ooh", "really?", "that's scary". I couldn't explain to them how I felt. I found this place about a year ago and yet only now I decided to write and share with others whom I believed understood exactly how I felt or what I went through.

90% of the dreams/visions that I had did not concern me. I also called it a vision because sometimes I just saw flashes of an event happening and it happened when I was just began to fall asleep. And the experience; sometimes I saw it happen in my own eyes, sometimes I read it in the newspapers and sometimes I heard it over the news. And most of the real experience that associated with my dreams were not good news. Most of the time it involves injury, pain or even death. And I can only relate the event with my dream/vision after the incident had occurred. Imagined to have to go through these kind of experiences for years. Although the premonition were not frequent but still it scares me, it caused me chills until a few years ago I prayed and prayed that I would never have these visions anymore.

The dreams that I fear most were if it involved colors. If there were red usually it will involved blood. When the whole dream was in grey, dark or bright situations, it signifies the time of the day it occurred - dawn, night or day. Usually, I will 'see' the dream/vision a few days or a week later or sometimes I even have forgotten about it until I saw/read/heard the news. When an incident occurred that was similar to my dreams/visions I would read/listened to the details and they always matched with my dreams. Always. At one time the dreams and the experience were quite frequent that I decided to not read/listen to the details of the incidents. In this case, I did not have to worry about what I saw in my dreams. It's not like I can do or change anything anyway!

It was just not the dreams or visions, sometimes I felt something just make me felt uneasy like something bothering me that I do not know what it is or how to explain. Each time this happened it will give certain level of fear and prayed that it did not involved my family or friends. Sometimes it was news that someone that I knew or someone else knew had passed away or about someone got injured. And after the news was dropped the strange feelings just disappeared. I had never told anyone about this experience before. It scares me and something weird just happened, just as I finished writing the previous sentence, my computer screen just went off blank for a few seconds, it never happened before - totally coincident, right?!

Why I want to make it my last post? As of late, I don't have any more of the dreams / visions. I don't know, maybe I have learned to just ignore them and when I started to think back about the dreams/visions, for the last few weeks, it reminded me the feelings that I do not want to experience again. But, don't get me wrong, these dreams were not that frequent and there were a few of the dreams/visions that turned out to be happy and lovely and I do have a normal life! But I felt that, by sharing my experiences, even though there probably be no respond just like my first post, it's okay to me because the thing is that I had let out something that had been 'frozen' inside me and stored for much too long and I know someone in this forum probably share the same experiences. And these 'bad news' premonitions I can live without and I will try not to remember them. That's why I should not talked or write about it anymore. Thank you for giving me this space.

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Dream_Walker2012 (guest)
12 years ago (2012-02-16)
I'm ever so sorry my dear. I've had similar situations with telling people and not getting a decent response. I encourage your determination and I'm happy you've found peace in your life. I hope you continue to enjoy life, and if your premonitions do return you will know how to handle it. I agree with Mubashir in saying meditation works. It is in fact what helped me. Good Luck to you
Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-15)
I say prayers and meditation is the best choice. When ghosts see that you are afriad so they will stalk you even more. If you face them bravely with strong fatih in God, they will leave you alone. One should remember that power of light is much stronger than darkness. Just keep your energy field shining that is filled with happiness,love,peace and faith.
Musicfreakbw (1 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-15)
About the screen going blank... When I posted my story or tried to the first time my computer crashed and it scared me and I didn't even post it that night and almost didn't post it at all. Then the next night I finally decided to post it and am so glad I did. Well anyways that happened to me too and really freaked me out. Also I don't know if this could help but maybe if you practice with your gift you might be able to help it not be so violent. Good luck! 😁
Ladfyhawke (1 stories) (103 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-15)
There are many different experiences going on in you. I see sensetivity and fear combining and creating a lot of uneasiness. God views all events.Past,present, are just touching the tip of an infinite gathering of experiences. Because we are human, after all, and still in our spiritual evolution we often are or become 'untuned' just because the enormity of living being experiences is overwhelming. It appears you are being offered a break from this intensity. It sounds like you desperately need it. Your personal fears of death,pain,separation and the unknown are drawing like energies to you... I apologize for what may seem insensitive but when your house is in order, your spiritual guests will not seem so frightening and you will be more useful to help with the upcomming events. In the deepest part of you is a calling. You will recognize it by the intensity you feel when you touch it. Mine brings tears and homesickness like nothing else can... Like the loss of great love or the longing for someone I can't quite remember but know as a life altering event. I have just come back from such a break... During which I have questioned everything...again...and have, once again, begun to rest my whole being into the care of one much greater than myself... To whom I owe everything including my unquestioned loyalty and loving devotion.Primedream2, we need you. We need your love of humanity and life... The children of God have always been called to reach out as the hands,eyes,ears and actions of our devine creator... This world is full of children, of all ages... Equally misinformed by fear of the unknown. When we 'know' we release that fear and replace it with enlightenment... Then that becomes right action, which recreates the heaven we were given in the first place. It is what we all want and that's why it is so intense to so many.Rest,go inward and find your path, come back strong to us all and help us support the works already in motion. I promise it won't be easy... We could loose our lives to God... We could become companions to the lover of our souls, the author of this reality... What do you think? Blessed be, Ladyhawke ❤
Mubashir (285 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-15)
[at] Primedream2. I know how you feel about what's happening to you. You see I have these unpleasent visions too. I don't like them because I see people doing wrong things, killings and stuff. There are some visions of events that took place in the past or sometimes will take place in future. You have a gift and you can't run away from it. I know its hard but you should try to accept things the way they are and if you think that you can change that mishappening that you are seeing, then try your best to change it and ask God for help and halt the mishappening that's going to take place. If you are scared then pray to God that He comforts you and make you peaceful and brave to confront your fears. I try to forget my visions sometimes and I am able to do that by praying to God from the depths of my heart. May God give you courage to face your fears and peace to your soul. Take care.Bye.
steve11 (1 stories) (31 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-14)
Your not the only one. It is very difficult to deal with. Over time I have become less affected by the events. I am much less sensitive now.

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