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My Dream And The Experience


I decided to tell someone who can relate to my dream and experience.

The Dream: I met a man at an airport. He introduced himself as Nick Weimann not Wyman. He spelled out his last name. He even spelled his wife's name-Susy and not Susie. I found out he was a professor, wrote novels and he was escorting his wife to a convention that she was attending. Suddenly, we met again somewhere outside my strange-looking hotel. When asked where he stayed, he pointed to a orange-colored building which was just behind the place we were talking, and his room number=1785. Then, he walked across a field and disappeared. Then, I woke up.

The experience: About a week later, I was called, one day before, to attend an Int. Science Convention at a hotel. I wasn't aware of the convention at all. There, we were introduced to the guest of honor - a Nobel prize winner. Prof Weimann. When the name mentioned, suddenly I remembered my dream and quickly searched for his full name and it wasn't Nick but Carl and guess what. Weimann as he spelled it and his wife was there too. It got weirder when I realized the exterior wall of the hotel was orange and the hotel was situated next to a mall (probably 'my strange-looking hotel'). Later, I found out his wife's name was Sara not Suzy - but still it begins with S and it's a four-letter word just as his name. He did not write novel he won a Nobel prize. The one thing that I couldn't find out was his room number. The dream and the experience was too real.

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primedream2 (2 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2012-02-01)
I want to comment on my own story. When I first write the essay it was around 2600 characters. Then I saw the minimum 1500 reminder. I don't know what got into me, I understand exactly what minimum means but at that moment I just thought I had to erase some 1000 letters! So, my story sounded a little stiff but am glad that it got published. I just realized my 'silly' mistake a few minutes before I wrote this comment. Perhaps this explained how scary the experience to me until my mind got a little blank.

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