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A Vision Of Death


Have you ever stared death in the face? If so then you might know that nothings more scarier than that. But have you ever noticed that maybe there is something worse? How about seeing it before it happens. I am a psychic myself. When I was younger around 3rd grade maybe I would always predict pop quizzes and test answers but in my dreams. I would have precognitive dreams some might say. But then it got more serious I would predict disasters, arguments, and I even saw my mother get a divorce before it happened! I'd always know what my school would look like in my dreams then wake up asking "New School?" and before I knew it I was transferred. But then in sixth grade about 3 months before my transfer on thanks giving something strange went on in my head. It was a dream, a dream about my thanksgiving at a family's farm, me and someone were riding quads together the person was wearing a helmet so I couldn't make out facial detail. I was going dangerously fast down a rocky hill until my quad started to lean to the right and then hitting a tree and the second later me hitting the ground with the quad in the air. I then woke up gasping for air from a freaky nightmare, but was it a nightmare or a prediction? About a year later we went to a farm for thanksgiving I meet my cousin and decided to go on the quads with him yet it seems very familiar. Next thing I know I'm flying through the air like a rag-doll almost getting crushed by a quad with cuts all over my body. Then I think back and remember the dream. Looking back at the carnage and déjà vu with the dream and broken quad that nearly killed and go up to my cousin and say "you're not going to believe this." Sure I might have precognitive dreams but who's to say it's real? No evidence when it comes from dreams but I sure as hell know that what I dreamed and what happened is real and my friends believe me that's all that matters. So what's your verdict. I've seen death before it happened. This might have happened to you and you understand but I still have these dreams today and they aren't just about disasters any more. And this accident took place in 2011 and I still have scars as proof it did happen.

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FireBorn (1 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-30)
DUDE first of all I fasted death 5 times in a raw in my life but stil I am alive... ANYWAY what more proof you need to believe its true you can see it with your own eyes what else you need? You actualy need to see someone die to believe it... I will suggest you this cause I also have many dejavus... And what I did changed my life
1st.Listen to your dreams
2nd.Do not ignore a thing
3rd.Do not be afraid
4th.Think about how many people you can actualy help
5th.Amd the most important you can not unwrite what is writen to happen but you can change the present and maybe you can change the future;)

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