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Sense Of Something Was Going To Happen


I am new to all of this. I suffer from migraines and panic attacks that I can't explain, and through almost every single one of them I get a really bad deja vu feeling and my mind races with random thoughts, which normally I never pay much attention to but about a month ago I got a really bad migraine (that causes me to lose feeling and vision and normal motor skills) and I got this over powering sense of something was going to happen, but the only though that I could think of was a beaver dam. I have no idea why but it just struck me funny. So about a week later my mother and I are driving down the road and she points out this HUGE beaver dam out in the middle of the woods. I told her about my thoughts and we kind of laughed it off. Well this past week I had a horrify dream that the day we take my brother out to college his friend would get into an accident and get killed, but at the end of my dream he came back to life, so the next morning I call my mom and told her and she explained to me not to say anything to my brother to add to the anxiety he already had about leaving. Well all day Friday I couldn't shake the thought of dread that hovered over me and I almost decided not to go on the trip but at last minute I did. We left that Saturday and the ride out there was one of the scariest I have ever taking we ran into a bad snow storm there were accidents all over, we had to exit the thruway and take a detour it got so bad. One guy almost ran us off the road luckily we seen him coming just in time. So we continue across state lines, and I have never been to Ohio before. The weather starts to lighten up and the sun starts to shine right as we're driving by the sign for Beaverdam, OH. I kind of got goosebumps but just laughed it off, because it didn't seem that unusual at the time. The rest of the trip was beautiful, and we came back home 2 days later. After getting home I breathed a big sigh of relief to be home safe and sound, until a few hours later the phone rang and I was informed that my brothers friend had been in an accident. Luckily he was safe with no major injuries but now I don't know what to think I keep piecing everything together but I don't want to make something out of nothing but then again what are the odds?

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Ladfyhawke (1 stories) (103 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-18)
It was clear that you saw the potential for danger. Being sensetive to the spiritual is opening yourself to what could be or what may have happened PLUS your own feelings of anxiety. Feeling 'pressed' to tell someone of a possible danger or challenge is very different from freaking out because of what you see. The unknown is scary, and it can be overwhelming to a young person because all of life is new and your wings are being tested for different hieghts of precognitive 'flight'.What you see from way up there is more important than how high up you are. Find your higher power... I need to tell you that you are asleep in Gods great arms, dreaming of this place... It seems important for many to know this at this time. Find a quiet place inside you, no turmoil, ask to be protected as you learn and grow in skill, because we need you. Theres much to do and it will take all of us eventually. Blessed be, Ladyhawke ❤

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