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I Might Be Psychic?


I'm not exactly sure if I'm psychic. I just want your opinion on the recent events that have happened.

A couple months ago, I was at the swimming pool with my friend. We were walking around when I saw (in my head) an image of a man with a blue streak in his hair, (yes I know, that weird.) With a strong build, and a child with him. I've also been experiencing major sense of de-ja vu, and when this happens I get very bad headaches. Lately I've been able know when my phones going to ring or when something simple like a cup falling- is going to happen.

One other thing, I never dream new dreams. The only dreams I have are the same ones I've had before, and when I have a new one I dream that a lot. For example, I've been having a dream about my school being smashed to pieces, and everyone running away in absolute terror.

Another where my mom and I are sitting in our house where assassins are trying to blow it up. In the dream, I find out the plan and tell my mother we have to get our stuff and move fast. But I also knew that they were in the front waiting for us, without looking. So we decide to go out the back, right when they come in the house and try to plant the bomb. And from there we would run to my neighbor house. While we were running, I saved my mother just in time, when she gets in their house, but I'm still running, And that's when the dream stopped. I'm not sure what this means but I have had those two dreams the most. (this has been happening since I was 5 years old, I'm currently 17).

I know this seems like nothing, but I really want your opinion on this, thank you!:)

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Ruth (4 stories) (156 posts)
10 years ago (2012-02-13)
Hello - everyone is Psychic. There is more on the topic to be found on my website.
Love and light
Ruth (medium)

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