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My Friend's Injury


I was out with my freinds when I had like a premonition like in final destination about my friend getting hit by a car on wilshaw road I also had had a dream about it the very night before. I thought it was just a silly dream. But when we crossed wilshaw road he was hit by a car but luckily the car was going slow enough to only break his leg and have a black eye I also had a dream about my friend getting a broken arm on his trampoline and then he broke his arm while doing a trick on his trampoline so I am wondering if anyone else has this problem? If so will you please tell me in the comment box at the bottom mkay I didn't see my friend get hit I was way ahead and all I heard was a very loud BEEP and my friend screaming his head off in pain like aargh and when my friend who broke his arm on the trampoline in his back garden we did a duo trick but it went terribly wrong I felt really bad even though it was his idea to do the trick beacause we have done the trick countless times before

I hope I don't have any more of these annoying dreams! Please I don't like or want these dreams or premonitions or whatever they are omg I hate these dreams! I am a average guy in a average town just wanting a normal life why do I have to be psychic its not as cool as you think but I am really not happy with being psychic thanks for listening

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Rhea (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-07)
My first comment or post. I came in search of others like me. I have had the ability that you do (and more) for most of my life. It was developed and nurtured by parents who had the same gifts. It is stronger with some than others.
I found after a while that I began to feel like a habinger of doom, or vulture as I waited for confirmation. It's tough! It's fun to tell someone they are going to have a child weeks before they know, but it is NOT fun to tell someone that their girl friend is about to cheat on them, or that their life is about to be wrecked. And for the most part, I can tell you that people don't WANT to hear that. I have one friend that knows I am going to call every time something goes wrong with him. But some times you know you have to wait... Out of courtesy.😐
Learning how to tell someone something without... Speaking into existence something that MAY NOT happen is extremely frustrating. Are you receiving or projecting? Trust me that happens too.
Journal your dreams. Then put the thoughts away. You will know if you have written them down. Dwelling on negative things give them power so stay positive! Minor things, just see if they occur. Major things you feel compelled to say something about, do!
Many believe that all things have to happen for a reason, but why would we be given a gift, if not to change or present a different outcome? 😢 I have yet to figure this out entirely.
Mubashir (285 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-07)
To me he sounds like a guy who don't want changes in his life. He want things normal and nothing special. Honestly when you want your life normal without any changes, you will face many kinds of changes around you and when you want your life much exciting, you will feel your life much boring. I feel the same way because I want some great changes in my life but for me everything is just normal. Accept your gift and try to help others in need. There is time you can help people with your abilities, when you help them you will feel much happier. If you refuse to help others, you will say when I had the power to help them but I didnt. I wish helped them before it was too late. There are also times you know the mishappening but you can't stop it. If you can't stop the envitable, don't blame yourself. Hope you understand boomoy that what you have is a gift from God, not a curse.
shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-07)
I feel like you are one of those people that don't want a gift that could be useful or even one day save someone's life. You could try to change what would happen by maybe suggesting your friend or person to do something else or act like you have a bad feeling about doing something so you don't have to tell them fully about your gift. OR you could just ignore it and it might go away. It may seem like a curse but it is really a gift that could give you help in life.
Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-07)
PS you said you HATE this "gift" and don't want to have it, but scary things are usually those things that carry the most responsibility... Being responsible for the lives of others by utilizing a Divine gift. It is not at all a bad thing if you can HELP other people through it... You know "helping other people stay alive, who are not meant to die"... Many accidents just happen out of the stupidity of "man", people who don't think, accidents that happen without Divine intervention (without being planned by the Divine, but that occurred because of man's own stupidity and will; without any superior purpose as in "that people were meant to get hurt because God planned" it)... People with a Divine gift of Spirit, can help people get out of or escape "man's will" to put them on the right course of God's will.
Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
11 years ago (2012-03-07)
If you get these dreams or visions, you can help PREVENT damage or possible injuries... Like by telling your friend in the future "stay off so and so road" and "don't jump on the trampoline".

This happened twice already so you clearly do have a gift - learn to utilize it instead of fearing it!

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