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Who Just Spoke Through Me Now? Said The Psychic


As a psychic, I see the answer, when a person presents me a question in reading sessions. The answer comes to me in images, words and other knowledge. Usually the question is about issues of the heart. Relationships in the family, passed members or present and love. When the answer starts to come out from me to a person, it feels like a smooth and kindly loving, delicate flow of considerate words, but in direct manner.

Sometimes the question comes to me from a person's eyes solely, with no words at all. I feel the great old spirits give me kind words to use in healing. So peaceful and so ancient in the way to express.

When these moments occur, I feel contentment with universal love and have no feeling of lack, diversity or dualism. When the person who came for a reading has gone, the channel is still open for some while.

Then I see more, but not to that individual who just visited.

The new flow then is answers to more general structures of life.

In a while, this channel closes. Then a feeling of stillness sets in. All this is happiness to me, a feeling of true identity on ground in connecting with others.

I hear some people say, that being able to be psychic would be some sort of a power-use. This is a huge misunderstanding. What happens, is an abstract communications polarization between two souls, two people. The connection opens up from higher planes. If any psychic would use their ability for wrong causes, they would soon lose their eye to see.

Seeing things in people, around them, aside them, means seeing also the content of events and structures. No one is just one. There are all kinds of energy around us. Energy of the whole, of their surrounding, of their state of mind. The list is long and sometimes not even words can express what is present.

Universal love, forces that are behind our creation to this Earth, love all of us. There are many names to this high creative force, I use the White Light as a word to describe this.

Change is about choices and recognition of the situation as well seeing the steps out of it. Some people think they have changed after reading some new coaching book or finding new answers to current situations, but these are usually mainly new ideas adapted to old patterns.

Sometimes change does not go deep, unless the change has been lived through. Living the change step-by-step, making continuous new choices in actions, communications and own visions about things, is a more an effective change, I think. A book can be a good start, but without action, spiritual change does not become exhausting. This might take years and determination.

True spiritual depths seem to come out of me with healing love in kind words even in hard situations people go through. The message comes out from some old, ancient spiritual knowledge, that is not owned by me, but used as a loving speech tool to help people when they come for help to me. When this connection or channel opens within me, the moment contains mutual respect and wish for good to the other.

It is a great feeling to know, that each individual is important, but still there is above us, under us and beside us energies from our creator (s) with higher spiritual development. And they love all.

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Ravenula (3 stories) (115 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-14)
Davis, I don't believe you have to ask others or specifically psychics to tell that to your daughter. You can sent it up in a prayer and an Angel will make sure she gets the message, that is of course if she isn't already an Angel herself by now.
ddavis77 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-14)
Can you tell her I miss her and love her very much.
Thank you very much

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