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Uncomfortable Psychometry Experience


I have been an empath since I was a child. I'm a female in my 40s. For the past several months, I have noticed my clairsentience or psychometry abilities becoming more pronounced. I have been better at discerning loving energy flowing to my heart as well as not so good energy when touching an object or person. I get feelings immediately and sometimes I'll have a dream or premonition about a person I know or a famous person. And most often the dreams have proven accurate. It shocks me sometimes, but it turns out true. I'm not sure why I my inner spirit shows me these things and what I need to do with it.

My question is about discerning what is not mine and more theirs. I had a strong feeling touching this one man's business card. The feeling comes as love immediately to my heart chakra, but here is where it gets awkward for me--I get a strong, sexual feeling in my groin! I thought maybe because he shares his name on the business card, but I have felt it in a card he wrote to me.

I thought, well maybe it's because I'm single, and okay maybe also that I find him handsome. But I'm very respectful that he's married. I've also had dreams of him with a different woman walking around him and even of him getting me in a room. I respect him and seek his services as a health practitioner. He's a sweet person and doesn't give off a bad vibe. The sensations I feel are pleasant.

I don't want to judge him, but I can't help what I'm feeling! Or maybe I have to look at myself? Anyone else have to deal with an uncomfortable dilemma? Thanks for reading! ♡

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chachacharlie (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-07)
Thank for your comment. I will ask my Guides and Angels for more insight into this. ❤
lightworkerhealer (1 stories) (56 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-04)
I think it is because of both of you, that you both have a potential relationship. But, he is married so, ask universe, angels or your guides whatever you believe in to guide you, to ask why you were put in his path when he is married. Energy you felt in the groin area, that might be only yours but energy which you felt in your heart might be his as well. Just saying, no one comes in our life for no reason. Be open and receptive and keep living your life, let's see what happens. 😊 ❤
chachacharlie (1 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-01-04)
Thank you for your insight! I needed that objective viewpoint. I hope this will be a rewarding phase for me. 😁 I feel more confident in knowing that these feelings are mine and more controllable.
MrRiggs (2 stories) (10 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-30)
I'm going to begin by asking your pardon should you find yourself offended by my comment. It is not my intent to do so.

It has been my lot to have inherited some psychic ability from my mother. Her gift was great, mine more modest. I believe I am also an empath, which has been a bit of a hardship.

Having read your post, I think what you are experiencing is a blend of empathic ability and human biology.

Your skills allow you to read love energy, and now that ability seems to be growing stronger. In other words, you have great perception in this area.

As a woman, you find a particular man attractive to the point of dreaming about him. You have dreamt of him getting you alone in a room. You find him sexually attractive to the point that you find yourself physically stimulated.

Awake, you are attracted but aware and respectful of his marriage. You feel good vibes in his presence. Asleep, in a dream state, the attraction may be less controlled.

I think it is not him, it is you. The root of this is basic biology. Men peak sexually early in life, women much later. As you are in your 40's, you are certainly in the zone to experience increased sexual drive and interest.

Your empathic abilities may provide you a more concentrated and pure source of love energy, but you biology is giving you an increased interest in responding to it. Your psychic ability may be an unusual skill not commonly possessed, your biology appears perfectly normal.

Depending on personal tastes and behavior choices, this could be an enjoyable and personally rewarding phase of your life.

Again, it is not my desire to offend. I only offer a perspective you may not have previously considered.

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