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Maybe It's Psychometry?


It started so long ago I couldn't tell you the first time.

I turned twenty-two today, and ever since I can remember things with me have always just been a little... Different.

I just moved to North Carolina from Florida right after getting married to my husband Corey. He doesn't know anything about paranormal or supernatural and it makes it difficult communicating with him on the subject. I've had experiences recently that have lead me to believe that perhaps the answer to my questions is Psychometry.

Living in Florida my family and I went on a short vacation to St. Augustine a few years back. Believing from what I've learned I'm a medium I was looking forward to perhaps picking up on something in a city with so much history. Sadly everything was normal and uneventful until we went into a museum, but what happened was very different from anything I've ever experienced before. We entered a supposed "vortex room" that had lots of old historical artifacts and jewelry behind glass displays. Facing towards the center of the room I felt extremely heavy like a fat man landed on my shoulders. My joints started aching and muscles started quivering as if I worked out for too long.

We finally left before I passed out and right when I got out of the room I was fine. After that It's like a switch flipped and I haven't been able to pick up anything like I used to. Any time I try I just get too scared.

About six months ago I went to the Alamo in San Antonio Texas. A few buildings away and across the street from it I started feeling light headed and dizzy. My entire mood took a general nose dive. I have also noticed now (though I know it's always happened but I never thought anything supernatural of it) that I feel the same way when I enter antique stores or someone's home with older items in it.

When we got to the Alamo I was falling into strangers and felt like I was suffocating. The whole place was covered in old objects displayed behind glass.

I stepped outside to get my breath and I couldn't stop trembling. After I started feeling better we weren't into another area and it came right back.

Something else that I think of now that would make sense is an experience I had at a friend's house. He lived with his parents and they had a lot of old passed down items displayed on shelves and on walls. When I walked in I got light-headed and thought perhaps the place could be haunted, but it wasn't the same feeling.

I zoned in on it and kept circling the area where I felt it the strongest. It made no sense, it was in the armoire. Plus I wasn't getting anything specific, gender, emotion, physical appearance. It was just a feeling. I looked at the old toys they had displayed in it and couldn't figure it out.

I've been to specialists, been tested for asthma, had ECGs, chest x-rays, brain scans, blood work, been medicated for possible heart palpitations. Nothing. Not overweight, no idea why it happens to me.

I'm wondering since I get hit with such fatigue and lightheadedness only when I'm around a lot of old items, has anyone heard of any possible physical side effects of being psychometric?

There's always people around when it happens, or the objects are behind glass so I can't just stand there touching everything trying to see if I get a reading. It's something I generally keep to myself...!

So what I really need help with is if it's possible to have physical side effects, if you think I might have some sort of psychic ability, and if being able to shut down heightened senses is generally a medium ability or not...

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carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-26)
At the Alamo I got the same creepy feeling and did not feel well. I can do psychic telemetry. I'm wondering since I get hit with such fatigue and lightheadedness only when I'm around a lot of old items, has anyone heard of any possible physical side effects of being psychometric? Yes I get sick from being in museums. I pick up the vibrations and it gets me real sick. Sometimes it is bad I get a blasting headache and nauseated.
vanillabean (9 stories) (168 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-27)
This is just a theory, but is it possible you are receiving information but don't exactly know what to do with it yet? I feel that maybe you don't know how to process the information you are sensing. I don't have this ability (to my knowledge), but I know psychics like John Holland do--they can walk into a building and pick up all kinds of information about what was happening there. Obviously if you were at the Alamo, there were some major events going on there. Maybe if you learned how to just relax in those situations, walk over to a quiet place, close your eyes, and take a couple deep breaths, maybe you'll start seeing and sensing things that make more sense rather than just getting the big picture feeling. I think I say this to everyone, but you should learn how to meditate if you don't already. Try looking into John Holland by googling or finding his books. Maybe you could start there... Good luck!
DigitalYuki (1 stories) (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-26)
I thought of maybe buying somthing and trying when I get it home. I may do that, I just hope I get some kind of reading from it so maybe I'll have some sort of answer.
I wonder if there's a way I can learn to tone it down if it is the old things overwhelming me, so maybe I can enjoy going to a museum instead of colapsing all over the place. 😐
stephyw2001 (3 stories) (108 posts)
12 years ago (2011-05-26)
That's fascinating. Have you ever tried isolating yourself to one old object, touching it, to see if you see anything or feel anything? Maybe you're being overwhelmed in the presence of many old items.

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