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I posted my experience of visions on this site (entitled My Visions), thinking that I was having random experiences that might be psychic. Ever since that day, it feels like my abilities have grown.

Recently, I've experienced a growth of psychic experiences. First, my precognitive "twinges" have grown stronger and more frequent, and I can finish sentences more than I could before. Also, just recently, I unknowingly used psychometric. I borrowed a friends pencil in class, and as soon as I did, the bones in my hand began to hurt and I felt anger. I knew it wasn't my anger and I almost felt as if it was coming from the pencil. I closed my eyes and saw in my mind's eye the kid I borrowed the pencil from getting very mad and yelling and punching things. I thought that I was just looking for something psychic because the kid has always been very subdued and quiet. I am also in PE with him, and that day after PE he was VERY angry from nothing, and began to yell and punch things like in what I saw. No one knew what was going on with him, since like I said this was so unlike him.

I also got hit in the shoulder by an invisible force, maybe a spirit. I was sitting in class and all of a sudden I felt something hit my shoulder, hard. It was as if a finger just slammed down on my shoulder, and there was no one behind me who would do that and we were all taking a huge test.

Needless to say, what is going on and what can I do about it?

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Katie (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-19)
hi spirit guides can help you and tell you useful information that is what happened to most people they say my spirit guide told me.
cause the information either pops in the mind or they hear voices telling them the information instead. Some people who are psychic can pick up an object and get a flashback or information on the person who used it before them or who's it was at first. I think its really interesting I'm surrounded with some psychic people but we have all different kinds of experiences some the same. You have a gift there! I have had a hand on my back, I have had my hair touched, poked in my ear and that. I guess it just a spirit guide. I've heard that a spirit guide is a loved one who has passed away like they say your loved one's are watching over its true! Spirits communicate with my hands they contact me in my dreams. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! It was really interesting I enjoyed reading your story. Good luck with your gift use it!
hotandcold (5 stories) (218 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-29)
You know the thing with your shoulder, the EXACT same thing happened to me!
I was in the corner shop in Gran Canaria, on holiday, and it was their ciesta time, so there was nobody in the shop but The shopkeeper, my sister and I. My sister was in a different isle to me, looking at sweets, and I was just looking at the biscuits. The shopkeeper was either behind the until or in the stockrooms, it was a while ago I can't remember the smaller details, but then, as I was looking at the biscuits, I felt this hand, patting me as if to turn me on my right shoulder. I turned around and just as I did, the postcard stand fell and I dodged out of the way. It was like something was warning me about it.

zappy77 (3 stories) (24 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-25)
Hia I also live in PE!
Well this is similar to my first post I made(The one just before this) IL say some things I said in that topic...

Things like that happens to me allot. Not to insult anybody, but I am highly gifted with psychic ability`s... Those that I don`t have naturally I eventually learn I can do a little telekinesis, change the temperature in basically anything, see or dream the future and many many more. It can be uncomfortable to have these experiences, but you have it for a reason very few people have or and want it. I for one am glad that I have psychic ability`s, but the more these experiences happen the more you will get use to them and eventually use them to your advantage...

If you know the kid who`s pencil you lent will get angry and hit stuff won`t you want to find out why? Or try to stop him? So these thing are natural... For most people with this ability at least, but my opinion is to use it for your advantage.

Now I never felt something hitting me before, but I hear something talk to me... I don`t know what's going on with that. Maby the spirits are trying to get your attention. Maby they are trying to tell you something.

I wouldn`t know I havn`t yet solved that mystery in my life.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-22)
Dear Matt, I'm new and no expert. But I'm almost 49 and have been like I am since I started talking. Anyway, some gifted people play piano by ear. Others are sensitive. Don't let it consume you. That's my personal advice, worth two cents. Second, it's good and helpful. I was asleep one night, felt a punch on my shoulder, opened my eyes, almost drifted asleep again, and felt another punch so woke up. I lived alone so the punch came from thin air or wherever, and two men were about to break into my living room. The thin air punches probably saved me. This was one time. It's probably saved me several times and can be useful, not just to me but others. I don't go around doing readings, but if I sense something strongly, I do hint. I even do "mom" lectures, as a hint, so it seems more normal. People will listen, surprisingly. Surprises me anyway... They even did when I was very young. Shocked me, but anyway, don't let it worry you.

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