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Seeing Things that Happen Shortly After


I have many stories, at first I passed these incidents as coincidences but lately they have been happening more regularly and I'm trying to make sense of what's happening to me. They started as little things. I would dream that I was a child again at my first year of school playing with my best friend at the time.

The next day on my way to work I bumped into her at the train station after not seeing her for 15 odd years. Another story, I was driving along a road at night, and I thought I saw a big black and white dog standing on the left hand side of the road, I slowed down in case I hit it but as I go closer there was no dog, only a pile of rubbish. 100m down the road, there it was... A big black and white dog standing in the gutter, I SAW that exact dog a moment earlier, it's hard to explain. It feels so real in my day dream, but something snaps me back into reality and then it feels like deja vu when I see it happen for real.

I've learned to trust my gut, and unfortunately it has resulted in ending my relationship with my boyfriend. I dreamed that a girl was contacting him, her name was Angela. The next day I checked his phone and in his messages, there was a text message from Angela. More seriously I was driving on the highway daydreaming, And my daydream involved a car accident, I stopped to get out and help the person and the car blew up and engulfed me in flames. A few moments later the car in front of me started swerving and crashed into the medium strip. It wasn't a serious accident, I had the chance to stop and help but I kept driving. I called my boyfriend at the time in tears, I was more afraid of the fact that I just thought about this accident happening rather than almost being apart of it.

At first all this started with gut feelings, really strong feelings and nothing else, then it turned into dreams and events happening a couple of days or even weeks after that dream, now it is happening almost immediately before something happens. What is going on? What do I do? I'm not sure if I want to be able to see things the way I do. It has turned me into an insecure, worrying "psycho" as my ex put it. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated?

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Marco_E (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-17)
Come on LINDA it can't b real. Your story may be a perfect movie but not true.
You just scaring us:S:S
Ok... I beliee in DEJAVU... We all do
But because it happens to all of us & I am with You in GUT thing it happens to me sometimes... But your story... I don know!
Plz keep in touch.
Kitten (guest)
16 years ago (2008-03-03)
Linda I often dream of things some times years before it happens.Objects, places, events, people. You could look at it as a defense mechanism father time is giving you more time to deal or making it so experiences aren't so blunt. Just keep in mind that some things are meant to happen and seeing them does not mean you can change them. I am not saying always but no one is asking you to be superman. Some times life is a movie you get to fast forward but you can't change the ending
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-07)
I like the advice about digesting experiences personally and making our own minds up on this part of the spiritual realm. It doesn't, actually, interfere in any way with my faith. I see it as filling in some of the pieces and clarifying. Never read a "New Age" book before but got one Friday at the bk. Store with my gift card. It is called "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton, Ph.D. Still thinking about it and want to reread it. I'm not trusting very much, but he seems more the analytical type which is good. It's interesting anyway.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-07)
I've thought about my last reply, and not sure if I agree with it. Fickle I guess. When I first had an astral projection that was clear, and far, scared me too death. Thought I would get lost going back to my body or that I was dying. The next times weren't as scary. I didn't know it happened to others. I didn't even know the term "astral projection..." It's comforting to understand these things. Education might be helpful, but from the right people. Some of the claims out there sound a little hokey to me.
charmaine (guest)
16 years ago (2008-01-07)
hi linda, I do relate to how becoming aware of certain things is making you feel nervous and analysing it. I also relate to it being something frequent and then disappearing for a while when I really try to understand it or freak out about something. For me it's like I'm scared but also compelled to keep looking. I like Glenda's advice, I think if it is really worrying then you can shut it down. When I think about it so far I haven't had any bad experiences but I think it's up to me how I digest the experience and what my preconceptions about the spirit world actually is. I don't really know what I'm dealing with therefore it would be scary to me. Good luck with your journey.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-01-07)
To me, reading of others' experiences on here and knowing the same things happen is helpful. I find church on Sunday, reading, yard work, and hanging out with friends helps to keep it balanced. Most of the New Age stuff I've seen seems pretty far fetched. For me, if I'm not in the mood to feel or see things then I ignore it. Everyone is different though. I've mostly ignored it for decades so only had things come through when important.
Linda S (guest)
16 years ago (2008-01-06)

I agree it comes on strong for a while and then almost dissapears completely. I'm glad you can relate to me, most people say I should embrace it and be grateful. I've noticed a change in myself, I am much more insecure, and now everytime I have a stray throught I read into it much more than I should, I start thinking of negative things and what they could possibly mean, I'm starting to make situations out of nothing. I found that once I published my experience on here and physically voiced my concerns about not wanting it, the visions and dreams have stopped. Although I'm content at the moment, I can't help but think that maybe I should infact look into developing this ability, if I understand it and can control it, then I don't think it will scare me as much. Does anyone know of any websites or anything I can do that can help me?
curious (guest)
16 years ago (2008-01-05)
This is the first time I have visited this site. I looked it up because I've always felt "different" than other people and thought I would look online because I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone. I have a lot of other strange things that go on but the deja vu you described has happened to me ever since I was a teenager. It seems to come on very strong for a few months then subside for a few. I try as hard as possible to ignore it and make it go away and sometime it works. Have you found anything that helps stop it? If so I'd like to know because it makes me feel worried and insecure as well. Thanks!
Lee (guest)
16 years ago (2007-12-30)
You are a 'sensitive', you are very aware of things around you and partially live on an unconcious level. You can't do anything to stop it, it's just the way your life is. Lord knows that is the way my life is. I've excepted it and I don't really worry anymore- you shouldn't either. Take heed in the fact you are aware of things others are not. Take care and relax, what happens is meant to happen.

oniurufu (guest)
16 years ago (2007-12-22)
lately the same things been happening to me not as strong yet but before it happens I get a strong sense of deja vu and see a couple images. Like before I run around a corner and see myself running into someone and stop and a couple seconds later that same person comes around the corner. It's all just very confusing.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-22)
Dear Linda,
It sounds like you are beginning to notice how you've probably always been... This started for me at speaking age and my parents noticed. I didn't know until I was away from home and nineteen because I assumed everyone was like me. Most of the people around me were accepting and protective I think. Anyway, it's not a bad thing. Try to enjoy the humorous times and be grateful it happens. There are funny things and situations, if you do it a lot. There are times when you can't fix things, even if you know, and that can be frustrating and heartbreaking. I don't think it's scary. I just think that as a little child, it was how I was and we all grow up. Accepting how you are is key and not letting it consume your life is good. Some people play piano by ear and some "sense" things.

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