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Hearing The Voices Of My Unborn Children Etc


From last year, when my great grandaunt passed away, I started to see her very often with my inner eye, I saw her being there yet I saw that she's still a spirit not a physical body, what you may touch with your bare hands. I also saw multiply times my Twin Flame in spiritual form being there sitting or standing front of the gazebo with our unborn children. I am blessed to know my Twin Flame in person, who I met in 2008, what I did not know back then. I got to know he's my Twin Soul thanks to this website, because I felt literally being crazy that I experiencing as love from him, when physically there is no sign of him still, where logical mind thinks I am rejected by him, which simply isn't true, because of this connection I have with him and where he is the one, who is running from it. Where I was once a chaser...

So last year I saw more known for me spirits, who once were alive, but by that time passed away. Since this year besides hearing angels for more years I even started to see them as well.

I am hearing now my future children voices too, where they can't wait to be conceived and born to our family with my Twin Flame, when we will reunite. The thing is, I am no fan of kids and knew since age of 5 that I won't be having any as well.

Lately I turned to God, who knows my life plan and wanted me to follow my path, my destiny, which includes kids and my sons' tell me things, which would help me and them to follow their right path, because after they'll born they'll forget everything, what they are meant to do in this life. Like we all, but in my case, I can guide them in future, where they'd live a life, what they were meant to be living at the first place, which satisfies each one of them.

These three souls came to me to convince me giving birth to them, when I once again went to the thought that I am not meant to be a mother and that kids are indeed not for me. They told me, how good boys they are going to be and decent adults, who are goal-oriented and helping me and my Twin Flame, when once we are old and needing to be taken cared of.

As souls, they all love us so much, because knowing the life they are going to have. They already are having names, the names we are going to give them in this life, when they are once born into this world.

As brothers, I see in my inner vision, what a team they are going to be, which is raised into them by me. I see good things and hearing great things from them, where indeed I should not resist the destiny, what I was meant to be having. Because it is a happy one, where I don't get it at the current point, how can kids bring me happiness, when I am such person, who is against children, since they annoy me and are very tiring for me, but it shows and tells me that it is the right way having them?

Today (morning to 09.09.2015) I saw a dream, where my sons' came and told me that they are going to be born at the same day, when their dads birthday is. A birthday present for my Twin Flame, ha-ha! Would be surrounded by bulls, now that's sweet... Also seeing the place, where my grandmother lives for a second time, when I had seen my beloved man with our children. Just wondering will we be living somewhere on that street then, because, how come every time the 'family dream' comes to me I see that current place?

Well I know that God had given each person freedom to choose, yet I personally got a funny feeling that we still make choices, which are meant to happen, our destiny.

Where this for me is having a husband and children, where the relationships are good and harmonic...

Good homely life, with good company and good food.

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