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Confusion And Inexperience


I am a 25 year old mom, and for as long as I can remember I have had countless of Déjà vu moments in life. I have had 2 vivid premonitions in my life (that I can accurately remember). One was when I was in High school and my boyfriend at the time was the person I had the premonition about. I had dreamed that a car had smashed into his car. For weeks I begged him to wear his seat belt, and a month after the dream the driver's side of his car was hit by another car. The second premonition I have had was I was being carried on a gernie from a helicopter into a hospital with 3 doctors rushing to my aid, however it was not me they were treating. I was seeing through the perspective of a child. The next day after my mom and I had finished shopping we received a call from my eldest cousin crying franticly. She stated that my younger cousin was riding her bike in the driveway when a speeding car swerved into the driveway hitting her. My youngest cousin was bayflighted to a children's hospital to care for her injuries (the bike saved her life, and had only minor injuries). Aside from those two accounts that I can remember fully I have experienced many different situations were something bad was going to happen and for some reason I would feel kind of Ill I suppose one would say. Or in some cases with my ex everything I said would happen to him eventually happened within minutes after telling him. And I can't really explain how I knew it would happen. Aside from that I feel more specifically that a dream that I have been having for the past 3 years from Dec- Feb (don't know why those months) but it happens every year for those months I dream of a Tsunami coming and people are running and trying to flee and I am running with my kids fighting to keep them safe. I can't help but feel that this is a warning, and that I need to watch out for something. It does not help that I am surrounded by water on all sides. I have had plenty of *bad dreams* but none of them except for the two premonitions I have had has left me feeling panicked.

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