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The Confusion Of A Past Life Experience


It started on a hiking trip and since that day pieces of this past life have fit themselves together, somewhat.

It started by meeting this man (not in physical form, I heard his voice and felt his presence), Jameson, who introduced himself as 'some guy'.

After a few years passed with continuous experiences, I was 15 and started having dreams and other memories about a possible past life.

It's too often that I look in the mirror and don't see who I am now, rather who I saw in these dreams/memories. Bits of information have fallen together, outside of the dreams that I've had, but it's still really confusing for me to try and comprehend.

In the first dream there was a woman (Eveira- who I think was me), a man (Jameson), another man (Anderson), and another young woman Erelia, (sister of the woman). Eveira was getting dressed, fixing her hair in front of a mirror in a darker room. She was wearing a long dress and was smiling--in a really good mood. Erelia said something along the lines of "you shouldn't be doing this, you're having an affair with this man" and Eveira put her hands on a table that separated the two girls and said "I don't care what it is, this is Anderson[the man]h" It skipped some time, but she ended up in a carriage with Jameson, and after he asked where she was going they had a short conversation. The vibe between the two felt like they liked each other but weren't planning on doing anything about it. Nevertheless, Eveira ended up on the couch of this artist Anderson, and he painted her with a different background, not on a couch- but lying in a garden. It ended with the man trying to force himself onto Eveira- and with her suddenly nervous - trying to get away.

One other dream involved a young woman (Maybe a Eveira when she was younger), Jameson, and the woman's family. They were at a gathering outdoors and they spoke French & English - I think some of the family was French. The young woman was called into the kitchen by her mother and father, told to serve food to her siblings. I could smell the food, grass, and the air especially. It was like a dulled peace. The young woman seemed unhappy- or in deep thought. She went through a pathway that led from their backyard to the front part of the house where there was a porch. She passed Jameson, half-smile look on her face, and then next thing she was being choked from behind and she passed out or died, falling to the ground. In the dream I never saw the face of the man who possibly killed her, but she rose out of her body and saw herself lying there.

I don't really know what the dreams meant, but it felt like I was Eveira and the younger woman. I felt their pain and it felt like these were memories but from outside of my body.

The close connection with Jameson both times- could this be the same past life? Or do you think Jameson is my spirit guide, showing up in these dreams for some reason? I remember never fully trusting Jameson, one minute he was the person I was closest to, and the next I was questioning if he had choked the girl...

If you have any ideas, comments, similar stories, anything, please share them! The idea of a past life is still confusing to me, and I don't know what to think of some of these memories or the people in them.

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Lyra (5 stories) (47 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-25)
Haha, at least I'm not the only one who thinks its confusing! New things always come up with 'James' I think I'm completely distrusting of him by now haha, it's like every week something new happens.

Did you ever have any gut feelings or visions about anything from you reading? It sounds interesting.
LoveBitten (7 stories) (74 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-24)
This is kind of confusing hehehe. Maybe the man is connected to you from one of your past lives. I got a past life reading once and was told I was the daughter of a chief Indian named Blue Waters. Blue waters was loved by everyone in the village and had a healing ability. Once she got older she had a beautiful wedding and when she died she was grieved over and many loved her. I was also told my mom and I were sisters in a past life in Pompia or something where the volcano errupted and killed lots of people. Well my mom was a wine maker and I was the younger sister an I alway had a dog with me. I was told we both got out safe and lived in Italy making wine until we died. Sorry this is so long

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