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A Balancing Act With The Paranormal


Since I was young I've been inevitably drawn towards the paranormal. I spoke to what I now see as spirits from a young age. I was never able to fully 'see' them, but I could sense where they were. The spirits I would see were never strangers to me, they might have been for the first days where we would communicate but after the first few days they would be like family. I became closer to the spirits than to my friends in full reality. I remember being introduced to many different spirits and some would be friends from 'the other world' or spirits that claimed to be my parents or my siblings from the other world. The ones who were not in my family I usually referred to as 'angels' or 'spirit guides' nowadays. I would hear their story of how they died, and then I would ask why they came to me.

One woman I remember had mentioned she was waiting for her son, that she had died and was waiting for her 'little boy to join her.' I communicated with her for a few months until eventually she'd told me that her son was finally coming 'home' to where she was and that she needed to be there when he came, and since then I haven't heard from her.

One other was a man who said he'd died and was searching for his wife. He'd mentioned a name and his name and told me I needed to find her. Me being clueless could only look through newspaper articles online looking for the first name of the man in the obituaries for the past week. Where am I supposed to look if a spirit comes to me asking me to find his wife? How do you get more information?

In the present year I've had less communication with with 'spirit guides' and spirits. Most of my paranormal experiences involved random visions of the same woman. I always feel as if I was her in a past life and now my present life is engulfed with trying to decode these random visions of mine. One I saw her as an adolescent at a dinner party speaking french, but in that same vision the young girl she'd been strangled and I'd seen her fall out of her body and become a spirit of sorts. But then I'd seen her in another vision where she was dressing for a date she had. And the most recent time she was walking through a cemetery looking for a gravestone and eventually sits down putting flowers on the gravestone and kissing it with her hand. My intuition is telling me the woman was visiting her husband 'James' gravestone, that he had died fighting in a war. But piecing together the most recent visions confuses the first ones I'd had of her dying.

The visions are all I can think about anymore. It completely takes over my present life, and while often it intrigues me and I allow it continue, I'm losing touch of parts of my daily life. Often its hard to tell who's life I'm living, if its hers or mine, if she's me, or if I'm her. And now my daily quest is finding James, 'my past life husband', and every time I hear or see the name James I'm overwhelmed with excitement and anxiety at the possibility its him. I don't know how to control the visions, or the possibilities surrounding 'my past life'.

I can't seem to balance 'real life' with the paranormal/psychic part of life I live with. How do you disconnect or balance out being psychic with living a normal life?

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gaiamara (19 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-09)
Absolutely you can, Lyra. Whatever form or colour feels comfortable to you is right. If you feel as though you are fully surrounded and supported by it then that's the main point.

Vines are a nice idea:) I tend to use many different visualisations because what suits me one day may not the next. You sound as though you're on the right track!
Lyra (5 stories) (47 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-07)
Can you create a shield and visualize it as something like vines? Instead of a white light around you can you create a different setting that suits the same purpose?
gaiamara (19 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-07)
Well, mine is always up (although it gets pretty weak when I'm sick) and, as you said, I just strengthen it. I guess I've trained myself to have it up all the time.

The wonderful thing about visualisation is that you can make your shield fit your purpose. For instance, in cases of psychic vampirism or psychic attack I use a "mirror" shield. Where I imagine my white auric shield is coated in a black velvet-like substance, and overlaid with a shiny silver, mirror-like substance. This reflects the energies back that are directed at you.

There are lots of other shields that you can create - you can essentially make yourself energetically invisible with some. Your imagination is your most valuable asset. And your tenacity, of course:-P
Lyra (5 stories) (47 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-06)
That actually sounds like a really good idea. One question, is your shield only up when you're consciously thinking about it? Or does it last and you just add more energy to create it again?
I'll be looking into crystals again. I used to have a ton of rocks, and a couple crystals I'd gotten from stores.

Thank you.
gaiamara (19 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-03)
Hey Lyra, sorry to hear that you're struggling with it. I just thought I'd mention something about shielding (not to say that you don't already know it). It takes time and patience to learn to keep them up. They can be a hassle but I used to (and this may sound lame) keep a bracelet that I'd made specifically for this purpose (cord magick) which would remind me to put my shields back up whenever I looked at it.

I also find crystals useful for shielding. Especially if you've programmed them for that specific purpose. You might like to check some out for yourself and see what feels right, but I would definitely recommend black tourmaline or smokey quartz. Also useful are amethyst and clear quartz. There are SO many different ones that work for different purposes and it's really a matter of experimenting to see what works for you.

Best of luck xox
Lyra (5 stories) (47 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-14)
Thank you for your comments, I'll take advantage of them and try some of the things you've suggested. I tried shielding once but I always had trouble keeping it up, I would tend to forget about it and in the middle of the day it kind of lost its touch so to speak. I'll definitely try it again though.

I think half my problem with the visions is that I'm a semi-skeptic. I believe I'm seeing the visions, but I'm skeptic if my heads creating them to confuse me or if its a visions connected to a past life. I suppose I should know myself better than anyone else, but at the same time, I doubt myself more than anyone else.
fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-11)
Hey Lyra,

I recommend that you look into some form of meditation and shielding (if you haven't already).

Shielding is when you create a "barrier" around yourself for a specific purpose. Normally, it it used for psychic protection, but it can also be used to control something like your visions.

The simplest method of creating a shield is to think of a calming, white, light surrounding your body- a light that doesn't let anything you don't want through.

The other tool, meditation, is what I used when experiences started to control my life (I went through a similar period, where a few visions plagued me, and almost lost my grip on reality). There are plenty of methods for doing this online (and probably a few on here as well).

Doing both of these things might help in controlling the visions.

As for trying to find someone a deceased person requested you to, I think you might know his wife or might meet her in the future. I mean, the ghost had to be pretty confident that you would find her.

Finally, in regards to the girl in your visions, I see two possibilities:

1. When you saw her get strangled, she didn't die (She may have gone unconscious, and went into something like a coma). After that incident, you saw snapshots from later on, when she had theoretically recovered.

2. You were seeing this girl in multiple past lives; each "snapshot" was her in a different life.

As a last note, go with your intuition; if you feel that you were her in a past life, then chances are you were (you know yourself better than anyone else). My personal opinion is that the visions are connected to a past life.


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