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Spirit Lights And Hearing Voices


I am writing because I see spirit lights they are blue, white, yellow, or reddish, sometimes purple too. I started to watch them like a year ago. I watch them in my living room wall or in my bedroom wall. I don't know if it has to do cause I have schizophrenia. But I don't think so. It's very amazing how I see these, but it's very amazing. I think they are a blessing. Some people say that it should be good luck thing, or good things should happen to me. And I think it's true. If anyone knows what does mean or what to say please leave a comment. Others say they are spirit lights. And here to tell us that we are not alone. Or When we are happy or sad. But I want a more specific meaning to this. Can it be that I may go to heaven? They are so beautiful.

Although I don't think that they are caused for what I have which is Schizophrenia. But I also hear voices too. But the voices are causes

Of What I have. Also how can somebody get Schizo?

So if anyone knows what it means; somebody please be free to tell me.

These lights are like a flicker. Lately I don't see them. But I think that they come out once in a while. And when they do. I get really happy and of course excited. Because they are amazing.

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