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Hearing Knocking


I am writing because a year and a half ago, my mom and I were by ourselves at our house, when we heard some strange knocking sounds at a hallway that's near our house, by where the kitchen is at, and at that time, there was nobody there, and it was at night. And I even made sure that nobody was there, so I went out of the house and went there where we heard the noise, and I found nobody there, So me and my mom got kind of scared. Because it sounded like a real knock on the window. And so I went to check and found nobody there.

Once I read in a book of a medium that the same thing happened to him, and that he said it was him and his family eating at a dinner table when they all heard a knocking in the wall, and so they knew there was nobody there, so after that a picture of his grandparents fell and he said, "oh it must be grandma and grandpa."

It's kind of scary because you do hear the sound and know that there's nobody there. The thing is that I want to know what does this knocking mean.

Does it mean that somebody from the other side is watching over us, or is it something else.

If anyone knows what it means please leave a message or comment, cause I would really like to know what it means.

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jblanche74 (2 posts)
8 years ago (2015-02-12)
I have heard them also... Mind is nothing do to the house... Its not the first for me... I have heard many things over many years... I could go into detail but it would take sometime... But Its nothing do to the house being old... I feel its more to paranormal or other...
Chetyre (guest)
12 years ago (2010-11-14)
I really cannot say too much except that before you decide it was something paranormal it is good to consider physical causes; for example it could have simply been the window creaking as the temperature changed.

If the windows are the old single pane ones then they will do that even in the summer.
Sometimes even the cheaper, double paned windows will creak especially if the opening where the window insert is placed, is uninsulated or the insert (the window itself) is not seated properly.

Other than that I have no answers for you.

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