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Past Life, Identity Crisis


Finding out my identity has been a very confusing journey. I went through the usual middle school/high school identity change, but when I started having 'past life memories' things got more confusing. I can look into a mirror and I'll see myself, in the body that I'm living in, but its almost as if I'm dead. I don't truly feel alive, it's as if I've stolen this body from someone who didn't want it, I don't feel like I'm the woman who began in this body merely a replacement for the woman who did not want to live in her body anymore. I see my other, older self in the mirror often. It's a subtle glance and usually I can never see myself as a whole, but I can see my facial futures and my hair and how different they look. My hair was much longer and a much richer, darker color brown and when I see that glimpse in the mirror. I know I'm looking at myself from the past life, and not myself within this body when I see these glimpses.

One question I have is, is it possible to be living in this body but not be connected with it? Extending on that, is it possible the 'me' I know now is not the 'me' that started out in this body or is that me simply disconnecting myself from my body? When I see the person in the mirror its not an identity issue in the typical sense, I know who I am, I'm comfortable with who I am, I just don't recognize myself as this person. People say my name aloud and I often stall a moment because I just want to yell at them "that's not my name!" It's frustrating battling myself in that sense. Is it possible I'm not the original owner of this body, but a person from the past who was dead but has come into this body in its later years?

I know that sounds really confusing, trust me I feel insane saying it in the first place but I figure your ideas will help me verify or discredit this. I'm trying to make it sound a little less so confusing. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts, or opinions...

Thank you.

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scatpep (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-18)
Hmm, maybe you have a past life 'you' that has seriously unresolved issues. Maybe you died well before you were ready and are somehow fighting that in your present life? I don't know. Have you considered having past life regression hypnosis? With a genuine, real, professional of course.

I think I would in your position
violetstory (3 stories) (68 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-03)
:) Well yes, essentially you are your consciousness. It's kind of like you were given a new identity. In the physical this is your body but spiritually you will always be you, the voice talking is you when you think these are your thoughts. By you merely asking these questions, that is proved 😊
When you were seeing yourself above your body this was probably around the time you were going to enter the body and I think you know that this is true deep down but the confusion of how life is run and the belief of many others may be making this a little hard to believe or accept. In time though you shall realize that this is actually a beautiful aspect of life. ❤
Lyra (5 stories) (47 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-02)
So if I am a walk-in, would this be considered my consciousness? Does that mean that the 'internal voice' or conscious I listen to would be the walk-in me, or would it be the bodies' 'me?' And have I become this woman? Is this my body? If my spirit leaves this body will my consciousness be carried on with that... This sounds like a bunch of philosophical questions, I'm sorry.

I don't formally remember anything prior to 8th grade. It's like I can remember some things if I'm reminded of them or told about them, the picture is created in my mind, but its not from my view, its like watching it happen from outside the body. How am I supposed to know if I experienced them, or if someone else did before me and I'm just creating a picture of how I think they played out?

I appreciate your response.
violetstory (3 stories) (68 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-02)
😊 Its nice to meet someone like you again ❤ One of the most important I have every met in my life was just like you... And to answer your question, yes it is VERY possible for this to happen. Many times when a very traumatic experience has happened in someones life they "block it out" or from a psychic perspective, leave their body. As spirits we often leave our bodies when we can't handle something. In extreme measures we allow others (spirits) to enter our bodies when we can not handle something (for example rape, near death experience, etc.) until the pain or experience is over. In even more extreme cases we often times leave our bodies permanently and allow another spirit to take this body. These spirits are commonly known as walk-ins. Spirits who have stepped in, to live out the remainder of another spirits physical form. Some common symptoms of this are having no memory before a certain age. You may have these memories but sometimes they are often there because of what others told us and not what we actually experienced. ❤ Also the new spirit often has trouble coping to normal life like others do and has trouble - for example - doing things and getting to places on time. With walk-ins who are not at adept at operating the current body or are not matched very well are labeled mentally ill.
Often times people change their names after they have taken ownership of the body. Sometimes ownership can be forcefully taken but this does not seem to be the case with you <3

If you have any questions, reply back here or email me, my email address is on my profile, I hope to hear from you soon:D:D
I am glad to help anytime you need it <3

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