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Repeated Dreams And Visions, What To Do Next


Over the past week I've been having some weird experiences. I just recently moved to college- new environment and everything, and I've been having weird dreams and some events happening to me. The first night I had just gotten into bed and was sitting there just closing my eyes. I had a weird vision of a woman who started whispering to me. I could see her face (dirty blonde hair, somewhat pulled up) and she looked like she was in distress, but more angry and vengeful than like scared for her life. She kept whispering that I should help her and I was supposed to be helping her. She was in her 20's-- college age, and yelling to get out at times.

The man who was restraining her was a larger man who was wearing overalls ad he made me think of a plumber. He looked more irritated at her like "what do you think you're trying to do" rather than "I'm going to kill you." It didn't seem like he was trying to keep her restrained or in pain, more of a psychological torture maybe.

The second dream was the night after. I had fallen asleep and had multiple dreams. I woke up in the middle of the night really thirsty so I had to run around finding water. But when I fell back asleep I had a vision of two girls walking down a street like in a downtown area. One of the girls was "me," but not really, it's just how visions appear to me. I'm always inserted into the situation, but it ends up being someone else when it happens in real life. Anyway, while the girls were walking they turned a corner because one of them wanted to show something to the other girl. It was really quiet and deserted, and they said out loud how sketchy it seemed, so they turned around before they got to see what they were trying to see. On their walk back, a group of two guys and one girl were following them and laughing. They seemed like college students, maybe drunk. They said how obvious it was that the two girls were college students and started running after them. One of the girls kept running away but the other one was grabbed by one of the guys and thrown to the ground. To speed to the end of the dream, an older woman saw what was happening after the girl (who got away) ran for help. An ambulance was called and 'all was well.' But from what was insinuated in the vision was that it didn't really end that way.

The one experience I had was in the bathroom the light was turned off and a shower was running- but no one was in it. It was really weird, and I had checked to see if anyone was there to be sure-- no one was. The energy in the room felt kind of odd and it seemed like the girl from the dream was there trying to tell me something.

The most recent night I didn't have a dream, but I'm afraid it was because I was somewhat shaken after everything that had happened. I warned my friend to make sure that she didn't get into a situation like the one that I saw in a dream because it seemed like an urgent matter as in "stop this from happening, I've shown you what's going to happen, so now you know." I'm not sure what else to do besides what I've done, and I'm looking for some advice.

When I researched the story of the girl from the first dream (because it seemed like the background of the woman who was contacting me) while the second dream seemed like the vision she was trying to inform me about. Anyway when researching I found that a young girl in her 20s, in the area was murdered by someone who was a plumber. It wasn't exact, but the details and geography seemed pretty similar.

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